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updated / added: May 29, 2016

Werner Enterprises Percyville Terminal in HO Scale
Part of HO Scale Desert Layout Project - 20/22
On my Mojave Desert Layout, Werner Enterprises built a Terminal in the City of Percyville.
To make it as real as possible, Pitsch Allneider created some one of a kind Werner Enterprises Models.


 53' Intermodal Container for Werner Global Logistics in HO Scale
New 53' Container on top of 48' Containet sitting in a double stack well car.
The copyright of the logos and names belong to Werner Enterprises Inc. See their web site:

Photos 2591 - 2689, taken on 5/24/16 (just click on the 4-digit number for bigger size photos)
As usual, I am taking a huge amount of photos to show a lot of different views.

Werner Global Logistics 53' Containers as seen on double stack well cars and spine cars.
These photos below show real 53' Werner Containers in service. The copyright belongs to the original photographers.
Copyright by Mike Berka (RRPicture Archives.NET) - 2591 Copyright by - 2592
Copyright by Grantitefan713 (David B.) - 2593 Copyright by - 2594


 53' Intermodal Container for Werner Global Logistics in HO Scale
Copyright by DigComDesigns (item # WGL5311)
Below are the first samples using the artwork of DigComDesigns just printed on cardboard.
As we can see, the result is not satisfactory. Therefore, Pitsch Allneider was creating a plain scale body out of styrene to paste the printed artwork. In other words, he custom built the whole container. No question, I am very pleased with the result. It looks so realistic, even it is a smooth surface. Excellent job, Pitsch - thank you very much. (Photos above by Pitsch Allneider)
Here is a short introduction, how everything started. While browsing the internet, I realized that Werner Enterprises got some intermodal containers on rail services. So, I wanted to have some for my HO scale layout to fit my Percyville Terminal of Werner Enterprises. I was asking my friend Pitsch, if he could custom paint some undecorated 48' containers in Werner Blue color and add proper decals. Pat Chaney of Werner Enterprises supplied some artwork. Just before we started, we realized that 48' containers are not correct because they should be 53' long. While checking the internet again, we found DigComDesigns, who made the exact artwork for the correct 53' Werner Container. As seen above, the cardboard was not perfect, Pitsch printed it on self adhesive paper and wrapped it around the custom made container body shell (see below).
(Photos above by Pitsch Allneider)
Copyright by DigComDesigns (item # WGL5311)


 53' Intermodal Container for Werner Global Logistics in HO Scale
Here is the fnished container sitting on a chassis.
Interesting to see, that the arrow below the Werner lettering is always facing forward
(Photos above by Pitsch Allneider) Below, the new Container is on display at a Container Terminal of Pitsch.
Pitsch built a total of 10 Containers for me. (Photos above by Pitsch Allneider)


The first new 53' Werner container is sitting on top of a 48' container inside a 48' well car.

 (for bigger size photos just click on the 4-digit number below each photo)

In the meantime, these new 53' Containers made it on my layout.
2 new 53' Werner Containers are loaded on a 53' well car - 2639
new 53' Container on top of 48' Container - 2640 Werner Loco, Werner Truck, Werner Container - 2641
4 new 53' Containers on 53' Well Cars - 2642 6 new Containers plus 1 on top of 48' Container - 2643
2016 = 60 Years Werner Enterprises - 2644 there are also Trailers on Spine Cars - 2645
there are 2 new 53' Containers next to the warehouse - 2646 2 Reefer Trailers passing the Terminal - 2647
 - 2648  - 2649
 - 2650  - 2651
as seen from the roof of the Terminal site - 2652  - 2653
 - 2654  - 2655
 - 2656  - 2657
 - 2658  - 2659
 - 2660  - 2661
view from above - 2662  - 2663
Werner's Percyville Terminal - 2664 no question, the Terminal is always busy - 2665
 - 2666  - 2667
the Werner intermodal train is passing McDonald's - 2668 Intermodal = Trailers and/or Containers - 2669
Werner diesel loco is on the Werner spur - 2670 Loco, Truck, Trailers & Containers - 2671
 - 2672 Werner on the road and and on the track - 2673
Werner is very busy in Percyville - 2674 last photo of first shooting - 2675
Now, the Werner Diesel Loco was moved thru the warehouse to the Terminal site to welcome the new 53' Containers.
face to face - truck and diesel loco - 2676  - 2677
 - 2678  - 2679
This diesel loco was painted by Ferdinand Rat - 2680  - 2681
 - 2682  - 2683
 - 2684  - 2685
looks almost like the real thing - 2686 I am very pleased with these 53' Containers - 2687
California Highway Patrol is on the other side - 2688 final photo of second shooting - 2689

  (Photos above by Werner Meer)

Page 16 - New 12/27/15:  Take a Tour on the Percyville Terminal of Werner Enterprises - click here  Page 16


On May 2015, I made a new photo shooting of the Werner Enterprises Percyville Terminal from the air.
Overview of the WE Terminal. A WE Truck is entering the site. There are several WE Trailers on Flat Cars. - 1492
on the left side are the WE shops - 1493 at the bottom is the WE Terminal Office - 1494


Werner Enterprises is celebrating their 60th Anniversary in 2016 (6 photos added 3/30/16)
A 60 Years billboard was mounted on the front of the warehouse. On the other side I mounted a Werner Global Logistics sign.
In real life, Werner was founded 60 years ago - 2420 So, it was a must to create a huge billboard - 2421
the new sign can easy be seen from main street - 2422 the size is 60 x 65 mm (approx. 5,2 x 5,6 m) - 2423
here is the new Werner Global Logistics sign - 2424 2016 reflects 60 years of Werner Trucking - 2425
The copyright of the logos and names belong to Werner Enterprises Inc.  See their web site:


Werner Enterprises
53' Reefer trailer
w/new Werner Logo
"we keep America moving"
(1:87 HO Scale)

updated: 10/17

see more photos - click here


The Percyville Terminal got some custom made and exclusive vehicles by Pitsch Allneider
This special trailer was custom made by Pitsch and the pickup truck is a modified River Point model. Great job and one of a kind.
This trailer is not just phantasy because Werner Enterprises did once sponsor a dragster.
Werner Enterprises got a twin axle trailer, custom made by Pitsch Allneider.
This Ford F-350 Super Duty Pickup Truck is based on a River Point model, customized and weathered by Pitsch Allneider
This 1964 Dodge A100 Van (made by Brekina) was from the early days of Werner Enterprises. It sure needs a new Werner decal in front.
The first Van Pitsch made for my Terminal back in 2008


Werner Enterprises Freightliner Cascadia w/ 53' Trailer, (1:87 HO Scale)


Werner Enterprises Peterbilt 587 w/ 53' Trailer, (1:87 HO Scale)


Werner Diesel Locomotive in HO Scale
Die grosse Transportfirma "Werner Enterprises" mit Sitz in Omaha, NE (USA) ist eine der 5 Grossen in den USA. Da mein Vornamen "Werner" ist, habe ich eine Athearn (Blue Box) GE AMD-103 zu meiner persönlichen Lok gemacht. Die Lok wurde von Ferdinand Rat gespritzt und mit Werner Ent. Decals von A-Line beschriftet. Mehr Bilder von dieser Lok auf einem Diorama: click here
Werner Enterprises (WE) is a big trucking company founded by Clarence L. Werner in 1956 and based in Omaha, NE.
With 7'200 Trucks (Tractors), 25'000 Trailers and 14'000 employees, WE is one of the five largest truck carriers in the U.S.
WE is using the railroads for TOFC service, which can be seen over Cajon Pass as well.
Direct link to Werner Enterprises: click here
Last but not least, the host of this website, Werner Meer, feels somehow familiar with WE because his first name is Werner.


The first Werner Ent. Trucks made by Pitsch Allneider (see them all): click here


New 2/14/08: Werner Enterprises Diorama with new WE Truck Fleet - click here


New 9/09: Werner Enterprises HO Diorama made for the 14th Convention - click here


Mojave Desert Diorama
with Werner Enterprises Trucks
in HO Scale

on display in our Shop
ist im Laden ausgestellt

Built by Kim Nipkow

Updated: 5/04/12
5/04/12 WE Truck w/Reefer Trailer - 042 See all photos - click here 5/04/12 WE standard blue trailer - 044


Werner Enterprises
Trucking Company

WE Trailers are often seen on Flat Cars (TOFC) running over Cajon Pass.
In addition, there are photos of WE Trucks on the road and new: take a look at the WE Terminal in Fontana, CA.
by Werner Meer
most were taken in 10/05, 7/08, 5/10 and 6/11

Updated: 8/01/11
WM 7/05/08 Cajon at Silverwood - 010 See all 237 photos - click here WM 10/05 Barstow Truck Stop - 032

copyright by Werner Meer & Werner Enterprises

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