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added / updated: March 22, 2015

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HO Scale "new" Layout:  Great Northern, Burlington Northern, BNSF
built by Paul Kolb, Sirnach (Switzerland)


The new Layout was built in the 90's and was combined Great Northern, Burlington Northern and BNSF
The concept of the new layout was different. The tracks were all on the same level (no more mountain line). In front, Paul scracht built the famous Izaak Walton Inn Hotel as it is located in Essex, MT and at the rear, he built the huge "Sheep Creek" trestle along the wall and some snow sheds.

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The History of the Izaak Walton Inn. Paul & Brigitte visitted the real Hotel in Essex several times. They knew Linda & Larry Vielleux well (owner of the hotel). So, Paul decided to build an exact replica in HO scale (1:87). Larry sent Paul copies of the blue prints and this way, Paul was able to build a cardboard mock-up. As everything looked all right, he and Martin started to kitbash this structure step by step. In October 1998, during the 12th Convention, Paul exhibited the Izaak Walton Inn. On top, Linda & Larry Vielleux attended our 12th CV. No question, it was a highlight.
Direct Link to the Izaak Walton Inn Hotel in Essex, MT -
Model 1:87 scale (track side) - 101 The real Izaak Walton Inn Hotel in Essex, MT - 121
rear side of the Izaak Walton Inn - 124 rear side - 170
GN Steam Era - 120 GN Diesel Era - 122
like in the good old steam days - 137 GN Diesel & Steam - 134
part of Essex Yard - 159 GN Steam Era - 161
GN Big Sky Blue Diesels - 149 Empire Builder - 148
Essex Yard - 110A the old water tower is still standing - 109
BNSF Coal Trains at Essex - 119 BNSF Action - 148S


At the rear, Paul built the "Sheep Creek" trestle along the wall and some snow sheds at the right side.

BNSF Coal Train - 102 same BNSF Coal Train - 108
a lot of BNSF power is pulling this train - 109S nice to see a Caboose at the rear end - 110S
Freight on Sheep Creek Trestle - 126 GN Empire Builder with F-units - 127
GN mixed freight train - 128 GN Empire Builder with E7 Diesels - 129
short lived Big Sky Blue Empire Builder - 143 BNSF Double Stack Accident on Trestle - 134S
Snow Sheds with CN power - 104 Snow Sheds with Double Stack Train - 146
BNSF rolling over the Trestle - 131 and another BNSF train - 138 Snow Shed after the Trestle - 123


Martin Kolb is a Santa Fe Collector. Once in a while, Paul was removing his models and Martin made a Santa Fe Show.
The Bicentennial Show: AT&SF, SP, BN  - 208 attractive paint schemes, red/white/blue - 209
Santa Fe Steam with "Blue Goose" - 213 Santa Fe First Generation lineup - 212
Santa Fe Alco Diesels in zebra paint - 211 BNSF Sash8-40B "crash unit" built by Martin - 218
all Santa Fe solid blue diesels - 214 Santa Fe Jordan Spreader - 216
from right: EMD F7A/A/B/B/B/A - 110 GP60M, Dash8-40BW, GP60M, GP60M, GP60B, Dash8-40BW - 117


For the 12th Convention in 1998, Paul made a diorama with the Izaak Walton Inn and the Cabooses for accomodation.
The  - 112 113
Paul with Barbara and Martin - 184 Paul & Brigitte with Martin - 111
The Kolb Family was always a Railfan Family. They travelled several times to the USA. They did a great job during our Conventions as Exhibitors and Volunteers. Thank you for everything, it was greatly appreciated.
Paul painted even our Convention Caboose!

Copyright by Paul Kolb and Martin Kolb

In Spring of 2014, Roman Britt took some great photos of this layout. It shows the very latest addition next to the Izaak Walton Inn, the former GN F45 Diesel Loco, which became a guest room. Paul & Brigitte stayed there and as a memory, Paul made a model like the real thing to fit on his layout.
Please note the excellent backdrop painting of Paul which makes this layout outstanding.
Thank you Roman for sharing these photos with us.
The Izaak Walton Inn with the GN F45 as a guest house - 939 right side of the layout with snow sheds going to the rear - 937
in front is Essex and behind the Sheep Creek Trestle - 943 the water tower is in the middle of the wye - 944
train is leaving snow sheds and will pass the trestle - 940 curve between main layout and container terminal - 942
container terminal is across the layout - 938 the terminal is also used for storage - 941
above the terminal is a show case - 947 great variety of BN and BNSF locos - 946

Photos 937-947 copyright by Roman Britt

In early Summer 2014, Bernhard Kurka and Markus Zöschg visitted Paul & Brigitte. Bernhard Kurka took some great photos of the late layout. Thank you for sharing these photos with us.
A BN Coal Train is passing the Izaak Walton Inn as seen from track level - 559
Left side with Essex and the Sheep Creek Trestle in the back - 535 Right side shows Essex and the Snow Sheds at the back - 527
Izaak Walton Inn trackside - 534 Izaak Walton Inn roadside - 545
The GN F45 was rebuilt as a Guest House next to the Hotel - 554 Snow Sheds just after the GN F45 in the curve - 544
Two BNSF Trains are rolling thru the Snow Sheds - 530 Leaving the Snow Sheds and will soon roll over the Trestle - 543
Looking over the Trestle toward the Snow Sheds - 539 After the Trestle are the Snow Sheds - 541
The Sheep Creek Trestle was scratch built - 528 no question, Paul was a great model builder - 552
A Double Stack Container Train on the Trestle - 561 BNSF Freight is rolling on the Trestle - 562
Looking toward the Trestle - 551 Sheep Creek Trestle - 540 BNSF Train is leaving the Snow Sheds - 542
Water Tower after the Snow Shed - 550 Essex Yard - 548 Essex Yard - 546
Storage Yard - 558 Essex Yard with small engine shop - 547
old cars for metal recycling - 549 Switcher at Essex - 553
Storage Yard - 537 Container Yard - 538
Ford Dealership with Ford Mustangs (Paul's favourite car) - 556 The final frame: A Bear is looking for food at the Hotel !! - 557

Photos 527-559 copyright by Bernhard Kurka

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