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added: April 2, 2022

Cajon Pass Photo Collection
May 1987
by Werner Meer, Switzerland
Bonus Photos: Barstow - Tehachapi - Mojave Airport (218 photos)

Note: The copyright belongs to this gentleman. Do not use any photos without written permission.

Back in 1987 digital photography did not exist. Therefore, a good friend of mine took the time to scan my old negatives. A big thank you goes to Marc Rossire. Well, colors and quality are sometimes not the best but on the other hand, I can show what happend back in the old days in and around Cajon Pass.
This trip, my classmate (school friend) Balz Lehmann came along. While I was taking photos, he was responsible for video filming on super VHS.

For bigger size photos - please click on the 3- or 4-digit number below each photo.

Part 1: Sullivan's Curve
WM-025 - Sullivan's Curve Rock formations WM-026 - AT&SF WB on SF North track
WM-027 - colorful with "Kodak" paint scheme WM-028
WM-029 WM-030
WM-031 WM-032
WM-033 - well, our car was always nearby WM-034 - End of Train w/Caboose
WM-035 - beautiful Sullivan's Rock formations WM-036 - Speeder on SP track
WM-037 - Cajon Station w/I-15 seen from the Curve WM-038 - UP EB on SF track
WM-039 - UP EB intermodal WM-040 - my favorite little rock inside the Curve
WM-041 - 5 UP Diesels are pulling this EB WM-042
WM-043 WM-044 - behind the double stacks are autoracks
WM-045 - and some other freight cars WM-046 - end of train with a Tank Car (HWY 138 and I-15)
WM-047 - Cajon Station w/WB on South Track WM-048 - SP SB Coal Train on SP Track
WM-049 - same SP SB heading for Colton Yard WM-050 - end of Coal Train w/Caboose
WM-051 - Looking North w/SF Track and I-15 WM-052 - SF EB on the way to the Mormon Rocks
WM-053 - again a SF Kodak U-Boat WM-054 - above the locos is the HWY 138 bridge over I-15


Part 2: Alray - Tunnel Area incl. UP Palmdale cutoff (UPT)
WM-055 Tunnel 2 East Portal WM-056 - UP EB on SF track
WM-057 WM-058 - open Auto Racks were still common in 1987
WM-059 WM-060 - and we have a UP Caboose at the end
WM-061 - SP SB on SP track WM-062
WM-063 WM-064 - bad light to see the Rio Grande Tunnel Motor
WM-065 WM-066 - the famous Swiss videographer in action
WM-067 - lots of packed lumber WM-068
WM-069 WM-070
WM-071 at the end are 2 SP Cabooses WM-072 - here comes the next SP SB train on SP track
WM-073 WM-074
WM-075 WM-076
WM-077 WM-078
WM-079 - once again, there is a Caboose at the end WM-080 - East Portal of Tunnel 2
WM-081 - SF EB leaving East Portal of Tunnel 2 WM-082
WM-083 - same train entering West Portal of Tunnel 1 WM-084
WM-085 WM-086 - nice load of old wheels
WM-087 WM-088 - End of Train w/Caboose entering Tunnel 1


To get a better idea about these locations you can find 2 aerial photos (wich I took in May 2010) with captions by Gary Gray.
Alray - Baldy Mesa Road MP 59.5X (former Tunnel 2)  -  197-1 Former Tunnel 1 (all 4 tracks visible)  -  197-2


Map of Alray area (former Tunnel 1 and Tunnel 2) with captions by Gary Gray


Part 3: South Track between I-15 and Hwy 138 - Stein's Hill and North Track w/Mormon Rocks
WM-089 - UP WB passing under I-15 WM-090 - view from Stein's Hill
WM-091 - same train going toward HWY-138 underpass WM-092
WM-093 - Flat Car w/diff. hatches and railing WM-094 - End of Train w/Caboose
WM-095 - Balz caught this UP train on video WM-096 - SF WB on North Track
WM-097 - in the middle is Highway 138 WM-098
WM-099 - we moved to Hwy-138 and got the EB Desert Wind WM-100 - Amtrak F40PH single power for the Desert Wind
WM-101 - Amtrak Superliners WM-102 - going uphill on SF North Track
WM-103 - short train w/4 cars only WM-104 - we are inside Cajon Creek w/SF North Track Bridge
WM-105 - SF WB w/1 Kodak GE-unit up front WM-106 - rolling over Cajon Creek Bridge
WM-107 - going under Hwy-138 WM-108 - nice load of trailers
WM-109 - Cajon Creek Bridge WM-110 - metal wire real load
WM-111 WM-112 - special load on flat cars
WM-113 - once again, End of Train w/Caboose WM-114 - Mormon Rocks w/blooming Yuccas
WM-115 - thes Yuaccas are tall WM-116
WM-117 - our Olds Cutlass rental car was a good choice WM-118 - CA plate of our National rental car


New 7/19: Accurate Map of Cajon Pass as of 2018 by Steve Jessup & Todd Gillette (RR Illustrated) - click here
Some photos were taken at one of these locations below (we usually mention the place of the photo):
Dagget, Barstow, Victorville/Narrows, Frost/Crossover, Hesperia, Lugo/Martinez, Summit, West Summit Island, Silverwood, Hill 582 Area, Alray/Tunnel Area, CP Walker/Davis Ranch Road, Mormon Rocks/Stein's Hill/Pine Lodge/HWY 138, Sullivan's Curve, Cajon Station/Junction, Swarthout Canyon Road Crossing

Abbreviations found on this page: EB = East Bound, NB = North Bound, SB = South Bound, WB = West Bound,
MT-1 = BNSF Main Track 1, MT-2 = BNSF Main Track 2, MT-3 = BNSF Main Track 3, SPT = SP Colton-Palmdale Cutoff Track,
MP = Mile Post, DRR = Davis Ranch Road, DPU = Distributed Power Unit (Helpers), SC = Sullivan's Curve,  SWC = Swarthout Canyon Road Crossing, WSI = West Summit Island, KCR = Kemper Campbell Ranch

Bonus Photos - non Cajon Pass
Barstow - Tehachapi - Mojave Airport

Part 4: Barstow
WM-001 Barstow in the middle of the Mojave Desert WM-002 - we are on the depot side and looking against the sun
WM-003 - huge storage of Santa Fe Cabooses WM-004
WM-005 WM-006 - UP EB toward Daggett
WM-007 - SD40-2 is still the classic power in the 80's WM-008 - all UP Trains coming from Cajon will pass Barstow
WM-009 - same UP empty coal train WM-010 - next comes a UP EB manifest
WM-011 - full throttle on run 8 . . . WM-012
WM-013 WM-014
WM-015 WM-016
WM-017 WM-018 - End of second UP train w/Caboose
WM-019 - SF WB entering Barstow WM-020 - low evening sunlight
WM-021 - all 3 units are with "Kodak" colors WM-022 - last photo made in Barstow
WM-023 - 2 UP helpers at Victorville WM-024 - waiting for next assignment


Part 5: Tehachapi
WM-119 - on the way to Tehachapi we found 3 SP Cabooses WM-120
WM-121 - first train coming uphill from Bakersfield WM-122 - nice to see some "Kodak" diesels
WM-123 WM-124 - after this photo we went to the bridge just before town
WM-125 - we are on top of the bridge at MP 369 . . . WM-126 - . . . near Cable Crossover
WM-127 WM-128
WM-129 - there are 2 mid train DPU's (Helpers) WM-130 - first DPU is a GP30
WM-131 - SP EB before the famous Loop WM-132 - SP EB will enter the Loop Tunnel (9)
WM-133 - some TOFC beind the engines WM-134 - same Train w/rear end helpers
WM-135 - next SP EB entering the tunnel WM-136 - the 4 leading units on top of the tunnel
WM-137 - sure, Balz is always ready in filming WM-138 - there is a Caboose at the end
WM-139 - same train WM-140 - yes, there are mid train helpers
WM-141 - to be excat, we have 6 mid train DPU's WM-142 - SF EB manifest
WM-143 - SD45-2's are leading this train WM-144
WM-145 - 4th unit is a Kodak F45 WM-146 - plus a Kodak U-Boat
WM-147 - it is just an empty "bare table" train WM-148 - last photo of this SF EB
WM-149 - SP worktrain w/SD9 WM-150 - SF EB just above Caliente
WM-151 - 8 Santa Fe Diesels are pulling this EB train WM-152 - second unit is a GP30
WM-153 WM-154 - going uphill toward Tunnel 1
WM-155 at the end are some tank cars WM-156 - and a Caboose
WM-157 - Erosion of sandstone rocks (nice to copy for a layout) WM-158 - outside Bakersfield comes the Tank train
WM-159 - the Tank Train needs a lot of power over Tehachapi WM-160 - there are 5 units in front
WM-161 WM-162 - and 6 units as midtrain helpers
WM-163 - new location near Cable Crossover (SF NB) WM-164 - another SF Kodak SD45-2
WM-165 - AT&SF EMD F45 WM-166 - SF NB end of train at Cable
WM-167 - yes, it is the same SF NB Train WM-168 - it is going downhill at Tunnel 17
WM-169 - still the same train at Woodford WM-170
WM-171 WM-172 - last photo of this SF NB at Woodford
WM-173 - we are on top of the Loop looking down to Marcel WM-174 - SP WB snaking down at Marcel and going thru Tunnel 10
WM-175 - the locos are entering the Loop after passing Tunnel 10 WM-176
WM-177 - same train WM-178 - the locos are passing the Loop Ranch
WM-179 - and entering the Loop Tunnel (9) (last photo) WM-180 - SP EB below the Loop
WM-181 - the lead units just passed the Loop Tunnel (9) WM-182 - going around the Loop Hill
WM-183 - soon, the leading units will pass over his own train WM-184 - smoke of the mid train helpers while front is above
WM-185 - colorful lashup WM-186 - now the train will go thru the Tunnel 10
WM-187 - after Tunnel 10, our Train is passing Marcel WM-188 - there are 7 mid train helpers
WM-189 WM-190 - red lettering of last mid-train helper
WM-191 - endless SP EB snaking up Marcel WM-192 - open coil cars
WM-193 - last "smoky" photo of our SP EB train WM-194 - next is a SF EB passing the Loop Ranch
WM-195 - nice loco combination on the Loop WM-196 - coming around the Loop Hill
WM-197 WM-198 - the locos are rolling of the Loop Tunnel 9
WM-199 - Kodak EMD F45 is engine no. 4 WM-200 - rolling around the Loop
WM-201 - soon, the 4 diesels (and the whole train) will enter Tunnel 10 going uphill toward Tehachapi


Part 6: Mojave Airport
If we are going to Tehachapi from Cajon, we will pass the Desert Town "Mojave". At Mojave Airport are lots of experimental planes and also lots of planes in storage.
WM-202 - There was an Airbus A300 WM-203 - but we do not know what kind of tests are in process.
WM-204 - but behind the A300 was an experimental engine WM-205 - mounted on a McDonnell Douglas MD82
WM-206 - it is called: MD-UHD-DEMO plane WM-207 - with a "GE UDF" Engine
WM-208 - Boeing/GE UDF Flight Test 727 WM-209
WM-210 WM-211
WM-212 WM-213
WM-214 WM-215
WM-216 - plane storage WM-217 - plane storage
WM-218 - plane storage (probably old DC8's)

All photos copyright by Werner Meer

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Cajon Pass
Photo Collection
 June 1986


Photos by Werner Meer (Switzerland)

Updated: 3/29/22
1986 - AT Desert Wind - WM-27 See all 32 photos - click here 1986 - AT&SF EB at Pine Lodge - WM-17  


Cajon Pass
Photo Collection
 May 1989
(Barstow & Tehachapi)

Photos by Werner Meer (Switzerland)

Updated: 4/07/22
1989 - SP EB over Cajon Creek WM-006 See all 194 photos - click here 1989 - UP WB Coal Tarin WM-036


Cajon Pass
Photo Collection
 April 1991
(Tehachapi, Mojave Desert)

Photos by Werner Meer (Switzerland)

Updated: 4/16/22
1991 - SF GP60M Cajon - 91-061 See all 267 photos - click here 1991 - SF at Sullivan's Curve - 91-031


Cajon Pass
Photo Collection
 May 1993

Photos by Werner Meer (Switzerland)

Updated: 4/26/22
1993 - SF GP60M/GP60B Cajon 93-082 See all 125 photos - click here 1993 - UP WB w/CSX and Switchers 93-045


Cajon Pass
Photo Collection
 May 1995
(Barstow, Tehachapi)

Photos by Werner Meer (Switzerland)

Updated: 5/01/22
1995 - SF EB to Sullivan's Curve 95-035 See all 146 photos - click here 1995 - SF WB at Stein's Hill 95-019


New 7/19: Accurate Map of Cajon Pass as of 2018 by Steve Jessup & Todd Gillette (RR Illustrated) - click here
8 different and detailed Maps of Cajon Pass with captions (Mile Posts and Location) by Gary G. Gray - click here
New 8/11: Maps "How to find" Hill 582, Sullivan's Curve, Noisy Point by Gary G. Gray - click here
Accurate Map of Cajon Pass with 3rd Main Track by Michael Amrine - click here


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