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45 Years Trainmaster - the source for American Model Railroading (1977 - 2022)

added: 5/16  /  updated: December 7, 2021
new additions / Neueingänge

HO Scale: Passenger Cars, different roads, single Cars and Sets
All models are in new condition with original boxes unless noted
Amtrak / AT&SF / BN / CA-Zephyr / D&RGW / Pullman  / UP (scroll down)


HO Scale: Amtrak Passenger Cars, div. Typen (now on sale)
AT-04: ConCor # 780, Dome/Observation, sFr. 30.-   on sale 40 % discount
AT-05: Rivarossi # 2982, Observation, sFr. 28.- (we have 3 pcs.)  -  on sale 40 % discount
AT-07: ConCor # 811, Superliner, Diner, Phase 2, sFr. 30.-  on sale 40 % discount
AT-08: ConCor # 841, Superliner, Lounge / Cafe, Phase 2, sFr. 30.-  on sale 40 % discount
AT-12: Walthers # 6011, Amfleet, Food Service, Phase 2, sFr. 40.-  on sale 30 % discount
AT-13: Walthers # 6013, Amfleet, Food Service, Phase 3, sFr. 40.-   on sale 30 % discount

 AT&SF (Santa Fe)

BN (Burlington Northern)

California Zephyr and D&RGW (Rio Grande)

CN (Canadian National)

AA-339, Model Power # 6613, CN, EMD F9A, pow. + 3 CN Passenger Cars, Set sFr. 50.-

D&H (Delaware & Hudson)

GM&O (Gulf Mobile & Ohio)

Milwaukee Road

Northern Pacific

HJF-1854: Walthers # 932-13652, NP, Budd 85' 24-8 Slumber Coach, new, sFr. 49.-

Ontario Northland

Code BF-94: HO Scale: Roco # 63124, ON, Northlander, 4-units, analog, w/original box, sFr. 700.-  consignment
now on sale 20 % discount = net sFr. 560.-

PRR (Pennsylvania RR)


Code HJF-1970: HO Scale: MTH # 80-40007, Pullman, HW 5-Car Train, Set = sFr. 548.- consignment
(LED Interior Lights)
each car is pictured from both sides - jeder Wagen ist von beiden Seiten abgebildet


Union Pacific

Any Road / Undecorated

Code UHE-X2: HO Scale: Walthers, Built up Kits, 12-Car Set = sFr. 300.- consignment
on sale 20 % discount
Nice built up wood and metal kits (on request, we can deliver some seats for the interior)
3 x Baggage
1 x Baggage ptd.
1 x RPO
1 x RPO
1 x Combine
3 x Coach
1 x Diner A
1 x Diner B
1 x Observation


SOLD OUT - not available anymore / unten - ausverkauft - SOLD OUT


Code SR-02: HO Scale: Milwaukee 7-Car Train (custom made), Set = sFr. 420.- consignment
sold out 11/21
Based on Walthers Cars, but custom painted for correct 1948 Era Paint Scheme. The 48-seat Coaches and the sleepers are having brass sides. All cars with correct Nystrom Trucks made by Shoreham shops. (no Box).
1 x Milwaukee Road Baggage
3 x Milwaukee Road 48-Seat Coach
2 x Milwaukee Road 52-Seat Coach
1 x Milwaukee Road Sleeper


U/P = Un Painted, C/P = Custom Painted, F/P = Factory Painted, P/P = Pro Painted, TA = Tarnished, WEA = Weathered,
NP = Nickel Plated, OR = Old Run, NOB = Not Original Box, not ready = model is at the repair shop!, TBA = to be announced,
res. = reserved (on hold), sold = verkauft (sold out),  % = Discount should be deducted from the price,
sFr. = Swiss Francs (CHF), sale = reduced net price, foam = old foam was replaced.
All prices are listed in Swiss Francs sFr. / CHF  -  We ship world wide!

Zwischenverkauf vorbehalten  -  Preisänderungen sind jederzeit möglich
Please ask for availability  -  Prices may change anytime

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SOLD OUT - all models are gone - SOLD OUT  -  click here
We are listing these just for reference as they are not available anymore!
SOLD OUT - alle Modelle sind ausverkauft - SOLD OUT  -  hier klicken
Auf dieser Seite listen wir verkaufte Modelle als Referenz auf. Diese können nicht mehr beschafft werden, sollen aber einen Überblick von den verschiedenen produzierten Modellen aufzeigen.

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