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added: 4/17 / updated: 6/21
in stock / lieferbar

O Scale (2-Rail): Freight Cars (non Brass) different owners - consignment

some are sold out - just srcroll down

RT-45: Atlas # 8854-1, AT&SF, 50' Box Car, sFr. 50.-
BWO-435-03: Athearn (w/Box), North Western, 40' Reefer, sFr. 40.-  sold out 7/21
BWO-435-28: US Hobbies (no Box), L&N, 50' Box Car, sFr. 40.-
HW-97: Atlas, GN, 50' Gondola w/wheel load, (Plastic Wheels and Couplers), no Box, sFr. 15.-
HW-101: Atlas, Reading, 50' Gondola w/wheel load, (Plastic Wheels and Couplers), no Box, sFr. 15.-
RT-17: PRB, CB&Q, 50' Box Car, no Couplers, (metal wheels), no Box, sFr. 50.-
RT-61: MTH # 20-8741, CB&Q, Cylindrical Hopper, w/Box, sFr. 45.-
RT-62: MTH # 20-8741, CB&Q, Cylindrical Hopper, w/Box, sFr. 45.-


BF-65: Atlas # 7673-2, N&W, NE-6 Caboose, sFr. 75.-
BWO-435-36: Atlas (no Box), SSW, Extended Vision Caboose, sFr. 75.-   sold out 6/21
BWO-435-37: Atlas (no Box), AT&SF, (SF Merger) Extended Vision Caboose, sFr. 75.-
RT-110: Atlas # 7621, AT&SF, (SF Merger), Extended Vision Caboose, sFr. 75.-
RT-109: Atlas # 7620, Chessie System, (C&O), Extended Vision Caboose, sFr. 75.-
RT-86: MTH # 20-91023, CB&Q, Extended Vision Caboose, w/Box, sFr. 40.-   sold out 6/21
(modified with 2-Rail Trucks, but no couplers)


O Scale 3-Rail - 3-Rail Freight Cars, like new with original box, consignment - O Scale 3-Rail
currently no models available / momentan keine Modelle verfügbar


U/P = Un Painted, C/P = Custom Painted, F/P = Factory Painted, P/P = Pro Painted, TA = Tarnished, WEA = Weathered,
NP = Nickel Plated, OR = Old Run, NOB = Not Original Box, not ready = model is at the repair shop!, TBA = to be announced,
res. = reserved (on hold), sold = verkauft (sold out),  % = Discount should be deducted from the price,
sFr. = Swiss Francs (CHF), sale = reduced net price, foam = old foam was replaced.
All prices are listed in Swiss Francs sFr. / CHF  -  We ship world wide!

Zwischenverkauf vorbehalten  -  Preisänderungen sind jederzeit möglich
Please ask for availability  -  Prices may change anytime

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sold out - O Scale: Freight Cars (non Brass) different owners - all sold out
just see our list w/photos of sold out models as a reference - click here
sold out - Spur O Güterwagen - alles ausverkauft und nicht mehr verfügbar
hier sehen Sie die Fotoseite mit den ausverkauften Modellen - hier klicken

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