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updated / added:  May 29, 2019

Cajon Pass 1950's in California
in HO Scale (1:87) by Jon V. Harrison, Portland, OR (USA)
I am modeling just a part of Cajon Pass (1950) in HO at my home in Portland, Oregon. Summit is nearly full scale and mostly finished and now Iím planning scenery at Alray and Gish. Also be aware that this is far from finished, it is a true work in progress.
 for bigger size photos you may click on the 3-digit number under each photo
JH-001 Summit overview
JH-003 Summit Curve with Wye at right and Summit in the middle
JH-002 Stockyard is inside Wye
JH-008 Stockyard is exact to scale
JH-006 West Summit Structures (buildings and fence scaled exactly);
JH-012 Old Section House JH-011 Section Foreman's House
JH-004 East Summit Structures are exact to scale JH-005 Depot and Pre Fab House
JH-016 Carbody Houses and Water Tower (houses were built by the Santa Fe out of old boxcars) JH-017 Agents House and Pumphouse
JH-009 Stockyard detail JH-018 Concrete Bunkhouse
JH-013 Central Valley Track (hand-laid) JH-007 Descanso from Shapeways kit made by Guido Cherici


Track Plan (including some specifications)
JH-020 Burlap Installed JH-019 Scenery Made Using Topographic Map Contours
JH-021 Sawdust Applied To Support Plaster Hardshell JH-022 After Hardshell and Zip Texturing With Tinted Plaster
JH-023 Another View (note TRAIN sign mockup-building the working model is next project) JH-026 Inside The Wye (In the process of adding ground cover)
JH-024 Alray/Gish Under Construction. The Alray siding will hold 45 cars and three 2-10-2ís. JH-025 Stacked Reverse Loops

Photos copyright by Jon V. Harrison, Portland, OR (USA)

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