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updated / added: January 11, 2015

HO Scale: The largest Steam Loco in the world, scratch built by Andy Dubs, Switzerland

Union Pacifc was famous for their huge Locomotives, from Steam to Turbine and Diesel. UP = Union Pacific or Unlimited Power !
Different model manufacturers produced this particular steam loco in Z, N, HO, O and G scale.

Athearn Genesis made the Big Boy 4-8-8-4 in HO scale with sound (length = 47 cm). This was the starting point for the extra large loco.

UP Short Boy 4-8-4 (made from leftovers), Standard Big Boy 4-8-8-4 and Giant Triple Boy 4-8-8-8-4 - AD-08
top: Short Boy (single drivers), middle: Standard Big Boy, front: Giant Boy (triple drivers) - AD-09
from Big Boy to Giant Boy 4-8-8-8-4 like a Triplex Steam Loco w/2 Tenders (length incl. 2 Tenders = 73 cm) - AD-10
Yes, all models are running and even with sound !!

 all photos copyright by Andy Dubs

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Bitte beachten: Dieses Modell ist unverkäuflich (Privatsammlung)
Please note: This model is not for sale (private collection)

The "Giant Boys" Loco in HO scale - updated 11/05/16 - more photos - click here


The largest Diesel Loco ever built in HO scale - updated 3/21/14 - more photos - click here


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