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updated / added: 7/15

1/2 inch Scale (1:22,5): Country Store
scratchbuilt by Bill Dougherty, USA
This Diorama was built for the 7th Convention of the American Railroadfans in Switzerland back in 1992.
The story behind it: Bill Dougherty was working at Caboose Hobbies in Denver, CO for 10 years. In 1989, he started his own business and founded: Pro-Paint Plus in Aurora, CO. In 1991, 15 different painters throughout the USA were working for him. So, Bill got a good name for high quality model painting. He even founded the 'Excalibur' service for the highest standards. On the other hand, Bill is also an excellent model builder. During our (Balz Lehmann and Werner Meer) visit in May 1991, we were also talking about our Convention. At that time, he was working on a 1/2 inch Diorama for the 1991 NMRA Convention. We were overwhelmed by the high details and said: Diorama building at the highest level. Bill offered to build something similar for our 7th CV in 1992. No question, we immediately accepted this one of a kind offer.
On this diorama is a small country store in the 50' in the deep South of the USA. The good days are long time over and what's left was just this old and weathered building. In front is an old gas pump of the 30'. Around the old store is a lot of old material, a hand pump for water and even an old pickup truck. The size of this diorama is just 45 x 45 cm (height 25 cm). Base is a 5 cm styrofoam. It is on display in my shop.
front side - 01
left side - 02
rear side - 03
right side - 04
below, you can click on the 2-digit number to get a bigger size photo
left & front - 05 right & front - 06
left & rear - 07 right & rear - 08
details with workbench - 09 old motor - 10
gas pump - 11 workbench - 12
garbage can - 13 details front - 14
old restroom - 15 details rear - 16
details w/shovel and wooden board - 17 more details - 18
gas pump - 19 roof with duck - 20
not much left of this old pickup truck - 21 maybe a new project for Gas Monkey Garage? - 22
everything is realistic weathered - 23 a piece of rusty roof cover is falling down - 24
overview rear (right side) - 25                                                                   overview rear (left side) - 26
bird's eye view - 27

 all photos copyright by Werner Meer

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