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updated: March 10, 2010

Cajon Pass Photo Collection
October 2009
by Michael Frei, Switzerland

I am very pleased to show some exclusive photos of Michael Frei.

A big thank you for sharing these excellent pictures with us.
Note: The copyright belongs to this gentleman. Do not use any photos without written permission.

Photos are sorted by location from West to East (not by date, number or railroad):
Hill 582 Area, Summit, Martinez, Lugo, Hesperia, Victorville, Lenwood (West Barstow)

Abbreviations found on this page: EB = East Bound, NB = North Bound, SB = South Bound, WB = West Bound, MP = Mile Post, MT-1 = BNSF Main Track 1, MT-2 = BNSF Main Track 2, MT-3 = BNSF Main Track 3, UPT = UP Track (Colton-Palmdale Cutoff), DPU = Distributed Power Unit (Helpers)

For bigger size photos - please click on the 4-digit number below each photo.

Hill 582 - the Railfan's Paradise between BNSF MT-1/MT-2 and MT-3 (above is UPT)
UP EB on MT-1 toward Hill 582 - F-001 BNSF EB coming from Alray - F-002 4th unit is a BNSF Warbonnet - F-003
UP WB on MT-2 - F-004 UP WB meets BNSF EB under signal bridge  F-005 UP EB w/mid train DPU - F-006
BNSF WB on MT-2 w/NS power - F-007 Next BNSF WB on MT-2 downhill - F-008 BNSF 7487 = GE ES44DC built 10/08 - F-009
UP WB on MT-2 rolling downhill - F-010 Same train w/blue Werner Trailers - F-011 End of train w/rear end DPU - F-012
BNSF Pickup coming down on MT-3 - F-013 BNSF WB w/zoom lens at Silverwood area - F-014 Same BNSF WB train getting closer - F-015
It finally reaches Hill 582 - F-016 Another BNSF WB at Silverwood - F-017 Same BNSF train getting closer - F-018
Soon, it will pass Hill 582 - F-019 Here comes another BNSF WB train - F-020 BNSF EB on MT-1 w(bare table train - F-072
BNSF WB on MT-2 pass Hill 582 - F-073 Next BNSF WB is coming - F-074 Same train has an ex. SF blue/yellow loco - F-075
End of train w/DPU's - F-076 Another BNSF WB double stack - F-077 UP NB on UPT (2nd unit = SD9043AC) - F-078
BNSF EB under Hill 582 signal bridge - F-079 BNSF WB mixed freight - F-080 BNSF WB w/rear end DPU's - F-081
BNSF EB empty double stack cars - F-082 BNSF WB w/matching color containers - F-083 BNSF EB entering Summit curve on MT-1 - F-084
BNSF Summit (incl. F-084)
BNSF EB and WB - F-085 BNSF WB from MT-3 to MT-2 - F-086 Next BNSF WB on MT-2 - F-087 Another WB on MT-3 - F-088
BNSF WB still on MT-3 - F-089 BNSF WB crossing from MT-3 to MT-2 - F-090 UP SB on UPT (Cutoff) - F-025
BNSF WB on MT-3 - F-021 BNSF WB on MT-2 - F-022 BNSF WB on MT-3 - F-023 BNSF WB leaving Summit - F-024
UP EB on MT-1 around Summit curve - F-026 UP EB w/cars still at Silverwood - F-027 UP SB on UPT - F-028
BNSF EB on MT-1 leaning in Summit curve - F-029 Same train entering Summit - F-030 BNSF EB on MT-1 and UP WB on MT-3 - F-031
BNSF EB w/rear end DPU's - F-032 UP WB from MT-3 to MT-2 - F-033 Same UP WB rolling over switch F-034 UP WB going downhill on MT-2 - F-035
Frost (Natural Fly Over)
UP EB w/rear end DPU at Frost - F-041 BNSF EB on Fly Over - F-042 BNSF EB heading for Summit - F-043
Martinez - Lugo - Hesperia
UP WB on MT-1 at Martinez - F-039 UP WB on MT-2 (8219 = SD9043AC) - F-040 BNSF WB on MT-3 w/double stack - F-037
BNSF WB on MT-3 (5071 = C44-9W) - F-038 BNSF EB Helper Set - F-052 BNSF EB 6608 = ES44C4 - F-050
BNSF WB meets EB - F-051 EB Helper Set and UP WB - F-053 Helpers are passing UP WB train - F-054
UP EB (1st unit = SD70ACe) - F-055 BNSF WB double stack toward Summit - F-056 BNSF WB 7460 + 7267 = ES44DC - F-036
BNSF WB at Martinez - F-057 BNSF 7495 WB pass Martinez Signal - F-058 BNSF WB meets BNSF EB - F-059
UP EB on BNSF tracks - F-060 UP EB meets BNSF WB at Lugo - F-061 BNSF WB getting closer - F-062
Same trains BNSF loco w/faded paint - F-063 BNSF WB (locos far right) and BNSF WB - F-064 Here is the BNSF WB train - F-065
BNSF WB Hesperia area - F-066 Victorville Yard - F-067 BNSF EB at Lenwood - F-044
Lenwood near West Barstow (incl. F-044)
UP EB w/moon on top at Lenwood - F-045 Never ending double stacks - F-046 Double Stack at Sunset - F-047
UP EB Mid train helpers (DPU's) - F-048 2 more trains are meeting each other - F-049 BNSF WB race - and the winner is - F-068
BNSF EB at West Barstow - F-069 BNSF 7757 ES44DC - F-070 End of our journey - F-071

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