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41 Years Trainmaster - the source for American Model Railroading (1977 - 2018)

added: December 31, 2017 / updated: February 18, 2018 (Part 5 and 6)

US-Railroad-Shop remodeling of right rear side
In spring 2018, our US Railroad Shop will get new windows. So far, the windows are covered with show cases and shelves because models and books do not like the sun (color may fade slowly). In front of the rear window, I mounted a full height board which covers the window approx. half. On this wall is the foundation for a dividing wall, splitting the rear of the shop into two parts. On the left side are DVD's, an O scale diorama, Hill 582 in HO scale and a showcase. On the right side are the Mormon Rocks modules, a standing show case, a revolving stand, different shelves and 2 show cases attached to the wall. First step was removing show cases and shelves to get clearance for the Mormon Rocks diorama to be moved to the other side incl. relocation of wall show cases which was done during Christmas 2017.

  (just click on the 3-digit number for bigger size photos)

Part 1 - Rear side of shop before remodeling (October 2017) 10 photos
left rear side of shop w/DVD's, books, show case, diorama - 175 dividing wall in center (left will remain, right will be new)- 176
above the Mormon Rocks modules was space for display - 177 right side w/Mormon Rocks diorama, shelves and show cases - 178
the wall across the diorama was crowded - 179 bothe shelves will be removed - 180
diorama of Lucien Wiss is inside big shelf - 181 shelf w/show case at left will be moved - 182
in the middle are reduced books and magazines - 183 that's the way how it was looking for several years - 184


Part 2 - Remodeling of right side is starting (December 2017) 7 photos
First step was the removal of shelves and the relocation of the two 2 m long wall show cases to get clearance for the Mormon Rocks modules.
left photo: on the other side along the wall, the shelf is already empty, the 2 (2 m long) show cases are above each other yet - 189
right photo: again empty shelf plus empty show case above empty wooden shelf, which will be removed as well - 190
both 2 m show cases have been placed next to each other at a different height as before (below is the space for the diorama) - 191
next step: wooden shelf will be removed to get space for the modules - 192 / ready for putting the Mormon Rocks modules along the wall - 193
the board on top of the left module was already removed (size of diorama: 4 x 0,6 m (13 x 2 feet) - 187
the mormon rock modules are ready to be disconnected in the middle and to remove the board on top of the right part - 188


Part 3 - New arrangement of right side (as of Christmas 2017) 32 photos
here is the "new look" of the right rear side - 194 we have now more space and a better presentation - 195
no more revolving stand in the middle . . . - 196 . . . and the diorama made by Lucien Wiss is well visible - 197
in other words, the remodeling of the right rear . . . - 198 . . . side got a new and attractive look - 199
the 2 long show cases are now on eye level . . . - 200 . . . and on top is space for frames with photos - 201
front: red sand Arizona, rear: beige sand Cajon Pass - 202 these modules are also used as test tracks  - 203
Lucien Wiss build this "Rocky Desert" diorama in 1988 - 204 very realistic landscaping - 205
the bushes are made of real hair - 206 rocks are made of plaster (hand carved) - 207
landscaping done by Pelle Soeeborg in 2012 - 208 O scale trestle built by Dani Wehrli - 209
now, it really looks different and I can tell . . . - 210 . . . I am satisfied with the result - 211
Now we are making a special tour on the Mormon Rocks modules at their new location along the wall.
This Diorama (built in 1986) was part of a huge 17 m long (56 feet) HO layout formerly located at the American Layoutcenter Adliswil.
Back in 2003, it was moved from Adliswil to my shop and used as a 4 m long test track. In Spring 2017, it got new landscaping.
backdrop are photos of the real Mormon Rocks - 212 the bridges are going over Cajon Creek - 213
there are Joshua Trees and blooming Yuccas - 214 all bushed made by Melinda Meer - 215
at the end is a mirror - 216 railfan overlook (accessible by car) - 217
no question, Cajon Pass is my favourite destination - 218 Graffitiy on Auto Rack made by P. Schönenberger - 219
of course, I am aware, there are no more tunnels in real - 220 but these modules have been built when the tunnels still existed - 221
birds eye view from above - 222 are we flying with a drone? - 223
Railfan's lookout platform - 224 final photo of the Mormon Rocks modules - 225
As already mentioned above, we will get new windows in Spring 2018. This will also affect the left rear side with a remodeling.
The result will be shown afterwards (May or June 2018).


Part 4 - Show Case exchange (January 2, 2018) 10 photos
Through the recent remodeling of the rear side and the relocation of the Mormon Rocks modules, the show case on the book shelf is having sliding plexiglass, which can only be moved to the right where the end of the Mormon Rocks modules are (photos 228-229). This became very hard and I had to find another solution. So, I transfered this show case behind the counter. And on top, I was able to mount it on the wall, even it was standing on the cabintes. From hose 3 smaller show cases (photos 226-227), 2 pcs. made it on the book shelf (photos 234-235).
this show case is actually too wide (137 x 105 cm) - 228 the plexiglass can only be slided to the right - 229
now we have 2 smaller show cases (ea. 60 x 75 cm) - 234 they fit perfect and the doors open easily - 235
these 3 show cases will be replaced by 1 bigger show case - 226 those 2 with the N scale models went on the book shelf - 227
just mounted the empty show case w/12 levels - 230 a lot of steam locos (mostly brass) have been placed on display - 231
the cabooses are now inside the round show case - 232 it is a good solution and customers can see the models well - 233
This was the last change for the moment. More will happen after the window replacement in Spring 2018.


Part 5 - Show Case and Hill 582 Diorama transfer (February 18, 2018) 23 photos
The showcase with the trestle on top found a new home as the former bookshelf has been scraped.
there are 3 levels with brass models and below are 2 drawers - 236 the old bookshelf was too big and now we got more space - 237
there are 3 Boeing 727 airline seats in my shop - 238 looking toward video dept. with TV screen - 239
The right rear side of my shop becomes the home of different dioramas and modules. The latest addition is the Hill 582 diorama made by Kim Nipkow in 2013. It was standing under the TV on top of the O scale modules. Now, it is just left of the Mormon Rocks. In other words, icons of famous Cajon Pass are now together on display.
over all view (below Super Chief sign is Hill 582) - 240 3 different dioramas show high end landscaping - 241
Hill 582 and the Mormen Rocks are now next to each other. In real life, both are icons of famous Cajon Pass - 242
Kim Nipkow created an excat scale replica of real Hill 582. Left is the UP track, below are BNSF MT-1 and MT-2 (MT-3 would be far right) - 243
Unique are the trees on top of the Hill. Thanks to the Hilltender Don Toles, who is watering these weekly - 244
More infos about the real Hill 582 - click here
The Mormon Rocks are along Highway 138 just near I-15 Exit # 139 - 245
the upper line was built by SP in 1964 - 246 Hill 582 gets visitors from all over the world - 247
well, this engine was actually never seen on Cajon - 248 yes, there are some railfans on the Hill incl. Don, Gary & Marc - 249
Meer loco is on BNSF MT-1 and the fans are taking pictures - 250 looking from South side - 251
SP switcher on Palmdale cutoff - 252 looking from North side - 253
the different levels of the tracks are correct transferred into HO scale - 254
 - 255  - 256
lots of trees on Hill 582 - 257 Mormon Rocks in the foreground - 258


Part 6 - Future (February 18, 2018) 5 photos by Kim Nipkow
Kim Nipkow built a beautiful Mojave Desert Style Layout for the 15th Convention in 2012 in HO Scale
Back in 2015, he decided to sell this layout but he could not find any interested modeller. After a while, he wanted to scrap it. I was able to save 3 modules and was storing these in the attick. I finally decided to place these modules in my shop across the Mormon Rocks and Hill 582 modules. Here are some photos to get an idea how it looks: click here The size is: Total lenght = 294 cm and width = 70 cm.
Please note: These modules will be installed after the windows replacement in Spring 2018.
Overall view - KIM-21

left side with Cut -  KIM-23 / right side with Trestle KIM-25 Mojave Desert with Route 66 - KIM-22
The Trestle brings life into the scene - KIM-24


More photos of the Mormon Rocks (landscaping and trains) - click here
Santa Fe All the Way - passing the Mormon Rocks (Cajon Pass) on 3/03/17
Modern Times - Union Pacific and Werner Enterprises in Action on 3/03/17

 all photos copyright by Werner Meer
these Dioramas below are all on display in my shop - take a look

Cajon Pass Hill 582
in HO Scale

on display in our Shop
ist im Laden ausgestellt

Built by Kim Nipkow (Switzerland)

Updated: 3/12/13
3/12/13 Do you believe - it is HO scale - 205 See all photos - click here 3/12/13 Hill 582 diorama in HO scale - 206


Rocky Desert Diorama
SP Go West Diorama
in HO Scale

Rocky Desert Diorama is
on display in our Shop

Built by Lucien Wiss (France)

Updated: 1/06/16
3/13/13 Rocky Desert Diorama - 042 See all photos - click here 1/03/16 Lucien Wiss w/Go West diorama - 011


Desert Diorama
in HO Scale

on display in our Shop
ist im Laden ausgestellt

Built by Pelle Soeborg (Denmark)

Updated: 3/13/13
10/10/12 BNSF SD70ACe on BLMA bridge - 208 See all photos - click here 10/10/12 Dry Creek and RR-Xing - 152


Mojave Desert Diorama
and Joshua Trees
in HO Scale

on display in our Shop
ist im Laden ausgestellt

Built by Kim Nipkow
mit Step by Step Bauanleitung

Updated: 4/30/12
4/30/12 The bikers take a break - 063 See all photos - click here 4/30/12 Home made Joshua Tree - 070

below are photos of my personal layout (not on display in my shop)

HO Scale 1:87
Mojave Desert Layout
Werner Enterprises Terminal
and Cajon Pass
by Werner Meer


updated: 2/19/17
City of Percyville - 1244 See all 23 Pages - click here Werner Enterprises Terminal - 1180


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