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added: April 7, 2022

Tehachapi Pass Photo Collection
May 1989
by Werner Meer, Switzerland
Bonus Photos: Barstow (122 photos)

Note: The copyright belongs to this gentleman. Do not use any photos without written permission.

Back in 1989 digital photography did not exist. Therefore, a good friend of mine took the time to scan my old negatives. A big thank you goes to Marc Rossire. Well, colors and quality are sometimes not the best but on the other hand, I can show what happened back in the old days in and around Tehachapi Pass.
My Minolta SLR Camera had a problem with the shutter and we got sometimes dark at the right side.
This could only be seen, once the films have been developed at the lab.
This trip, my classmate (school friend) Balz Lehmann came along. While I was taking photos, he was responsible for video filming on super VHS.

For bigger size photos - please click on the 3- or 4-digit number below each photo.

Abbreviations found on this page: EB = East Bound, NB = North Bound, SB = South Bound, WB = West Bound,
MP = Mile Post, DPU = Distributed Power Unit (Helpers)


Part 1: Barstow
WM-072 - SF EB leaving Borstow WM-073 - it is an intermodal train w/TOFC
WM-074 - SF EMD SD45 WM-075 - SD EMD SDF45
WM-076 WM-077 - last photo of this EB train
WM-078 - SF EMD SD45 WM-079 - SD EMDSD45
WM-080 - old Santa Fe Shops still active WM-081 - SF EMD SDF45
WM-082 - old yard WM-083 - new yard


Part 2: Tehachapi (from Mojave to Bakersfield and back)
WM-084 - just outside Mojave, SP NB manifest WM-085 - this location is Warren
WM-086 WM-087
WM-088 WM-089 - last photo of this SP NB w/D&RGW Caboose
WM-090 - SF SB (EB) WM-091 - SF SB (EB) mid train DPU's
WM-092 - SF NB w/SF30C WM-093 - 3rd unit = F45
WM-094 - WM-095 - Railbox w/Graffiti (last photo)
WM-096 - work equipment train in storage WM-097
WM-098 - there was some special equipment . . . WM-099 . . . when we drove along the tracks just before Tehachapi
WM-100 - SP SB Manifest going down to Mojave WM-101 - same train at Cameron
WM-102 - Tehachapi Sign on top of the Depot WM-103 - Tehachapi Depot
WM-104 - SF EB going uphill to Tehachapi WM-105 - we are at Cable
WM-106 WM-107
WM-108 - there are 4 units up front WM-109 - and 2 mid train helpers
WM-110 WM-111 - last photo of this SF EB train
WM-112 - SP SB at Cable after Tunnel 17 WM-113 - this train is leaving Tunnel 17
WM-114 - there are 5 mid train helpers WM-115
WM-116 - we are just across Hwy 58 WM-117 - last photo from this location
We finally made it to the famous Tehachapi Loop
WM-118 - SP NB Tank Train at Walong (the Loop) WM-119 - detail of Tank Train connection
WM-120 - we are standing on top of Tunnel 9 WM-122 - already coming out of Loop Tunnel 9
WM-123 - last photo of Tank Train WM-124 - SP helper set going downhill for the next job
WM-125 - SP NB all Auto Rack train on the Loop WM-126 - going around the Loop Hill
WM-127 WM-128 - last Auto Racks are entering Loop Tunnel 9
WM-129 - SP SB will enter the Loop Tunnel WM-130 - End of this SP SB train
afterwards, we went down to Bakersfield
WM-131 - Santa Fe Roundhouse and Turntable WM-132 - Roundhouse
WM-133 - Turntable WM-134 - Roundhouse
WM-135 - Bakersfield Depot WM-136 - Bakersfield SP Yard
WM-137 WM-138
WM-139 WM-140 - SP Yard (last photo)
from Bakersfield, we are going toward Tehachapi and follow some trains before the grade will start
WM-141 - first is a SF EB WM-142 - this SF train is at Bena crossing the Caliente Creek
WM-143 - of course, our rental car is always nearby WM-144 - there was a MoW car in between
WM-145 - SF Gunderson Twin Stack well cars w/o load WM-146
WM-147 - TTX Gunderson Twin Stack w/Containers WM-148
WM-149 - at the end are 3 SF Cabooses going to storage WM-150 - soon, there are no more Cabooses in service
now, we are on top of Tunnel 2
WM-151 - SF NB intermofal train coming from Bealville WM-152
WM-153 WM-154 - the engines will enter Tunnel 2
WM-155 - the engines just left Tunnel 2 WM-156
WM-157 WM-158 - last photo of SF NB just below Tunnel 2
WM-159 - next NB SF train is coming from Bealville WM-160 - the 8 Locos did already pass thru Tunnel 2
WM-161 WM-162
note the C&NW Hoppers behind the locos can be seen on photo 165
WM-163 - in the distance we can see the Kodak loco of this train WM-164 - end of train is with a Caboose
WM-165 - our NB train is passing the Caliente Curve WM-166 - at the same time is a SB train going uphill
WM-167 - we can see the Kodak loco of the NB train again WM-168 - the SB train is passing Caliente Curve
WM-169 - getting closer to our photo location WM-170 - we are actually not far away from the Caliente Curve
WM-171 - SF 5989 SDF45 is leading this SB train WM-172
WM-173 WM-174
WM-175 - full throttle toward Tunnel 1 WM-176 - last photo of this SB train
WM-177 - SB (EB) Santa Fe train as seen on photo 141-150 WM-178 - I did not expect to see the same train from Bena again
WM-179 WM-180
WM-181 WM-182
WM-183 - Balz is taking a video WM-184 - did you notice these 3 Cabooses on photo 149 ?
WM-185 - SF 5989 is now at Keene (see photos 169 - 176) WM-186
WM-187 - from Keene to Woodford WM-188 - definitely the last photo of this SF SB at Woodford
WM-189 - SF NB near Keene and Hwy 58 WM-190 - going downhill toward Bakersfield
WM-191 - Hwy 58 is always busy WM-192 - special load on flat car
WM-193 - last photo at this location WM-194 - the final frame - SF Caboose at Tehachapi

All photos copyright by Werner Meer

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Tehachapi Pass
Photo Collection
 May 1987

(Barstow, Mojave)

Photos by Werner Meer (Switzerland)

Updated: 4/07/22
SF entering Loop Tunnel WM-145 See all 124 photos - click here SP SD9 w/Worktrain WM-149


Tehachapi Pass
Photo Collection
April 1991

Mojave Desert (Needles Sub)

by Werner Meer

Updated: April 16, 2022
SF Warbonnet FP45 91-150 See all 138 photos - click here SP at Caliente 91-186


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