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SCLA - Southern California Logistics Airport - Victorville
(former GAFB) - Photo Collection
2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2017 - 2020
Special Bonus Photos
Space Shuttle Endeavour - 9/2012
Boeing / Seattle Museum of Flight - 8/2012

I am very pleased to show some exclusive photos of these photographers:
Gary G. Gray (GGG), Marc Fournier (MF).
Guest Photographer: Robin Scanes (RS), New Zealand

A big thank you for sharing these excellent pictures with us.
Note: The copyright belongs to these gentlemen. Do not use any photos without written permission.

Photos are sorted by date (not by number or airline)

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SCLA Victorville in 2010
Last week (2/25/10), we enjoyed a great visit from our Kiwi friends Robin and Rhonda Scanes, New Zealand.
Along with chasing trains from Vegas to Cajon, we took time to check out the airliner "bone yard" at Southern CA Logistics Airport/George AFB. So, here are the first pictures of my/our old base.
The DC-10's and L-1011's will surely never fly again. I read in Aviation Week that UAL retired all of their 737's and it appears that they are mostly at SCLA. Pictures P-07, 08, 09 are of an independent dismantaler who seems to buy one plane at a time for the scrap value. They've been working on Tower Air Lines 747's for years. P-08 also shows the new Dr Pepper/Snapple bottling plant. P-10 & P-11 are of a repaint outfit called "Leading Edge". A Delta/NWA  A-319 and several Aussie 767's will shortly be returned to service. P-12 is of a General Atomics Predator or Reaper outside the old engine "hush house". 
Just for grins --- if you were one of the few people who saw the move FACE OFF with Travolta and Cage, this is the building the private jet "crashed" int --- yeah so??
Boeing will be testing the first three new 787's here and the new 747-8's at AF Plant 42 in Palmdale. Will try to get some images of both --- or get busted for being a spy or something.
The bad news is that the LARGE new logistics buildings and the proposed BNSF RR intermodal rail yard are victims of the economy. GGG
SCLA = Southern California Logistics Airport Victorville:
GGG 2/25/10 These DC-10's + L-1011's - P-01 GGG - will never fly again - P-02 GGG Mojave got competition! - P-03
GGG 2/25/10 Retired UA 737's - P-04 GGG Endless string of planes - P-05 GGG More retired UA 737's - P-06
GGG 2/25/10 Scrap yard - P-07 GGG Scrap yard - P-08 GGG Former Tower Air Lines 747 - P-09
GGG 2/25/10 New scheme: Leading Edge - P-10 RS These 767's will go back to service - P-11 RS Predator Drone - P-12
Some photos of SCLA in 2011
GGG 6/02/11 Former UAL 737 and Qunatas 747-400 have reached the end of their of lives - P-13 GGG 6/02/11 The new Boeing 747-8F launches for a test flight - P-14 GGG 6/02/11 The DC-10 Fire Bomber - also on a test flight - P-15
Some photos of SCLA in 2012
GGG 4/27/12 UAL B-737 ready for the smelter
GGG 4/27/12 Italian Cargo MD-11 being dismantled
GGG 4/27/12 Quantas B-747-400 also being dismantled - P-18
Some photos of SCLA in 2013
March 22: Knowing that many on this, normally trains, list also love aviation, I'm sending the results of our expedition into our tiny part of the Mojave Desert.
Marc and I, without any specific destination in mind (except for lunch at Mollie Brown's Country Cafe on OLD Rt 66) took off into the desert yesterday. Train traffic was light and so we wound up driving through my old AFB ----- now known as Southern CA Logistics Airport. The Apt has become a testing facility for new aircraft and their new engines. Mostly, it has gained new recognition as a "Boneyard" and recycling center for older civilian airliners. Under active recycling were: # 3040-3043: AA B-757, BA B-747-400, KLM DC-10 & MD-11, FE DC-10's. # 3044-3045: A "HEALTHY" supply of aircraft awaiting recycling ----- or sale?
GGG 3/22/13  AA B-757 - 3040 GGG 3/22/13 BA B-747-400 - 3041 GGG 3/22/13 KLM DC-10/MD-11 - 3042
GGG 3/22/13 FedEx DC-10s - 3043 GGG 3/22/13 Awaiting recycling - 3044 GGG 3/22/13 Awaiting recycling - 3045

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Flying over Victorville

Spectacular Photos
by Paul Dunn

January 2013

Copyright by Paul Dunn
Paul Dunn 1/13 Victorville Storage - 030 see all photos - click here Paul Dunn 1/13 Victorville Storage - 027

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Quantas 767 last flight before going out of service at Victorville by 60 Minutes:

link added on 11/25/14

Here is an interesting link to - just take a look -


Some photos of SCLA in 2014
Well, here's a bit to help start your 2014 with "PLANES" and "TRAINS" ----- "properly"!
 On Friday, January 17, Don Toles visited the High Desert and off we went ---- roaming and making like TRUE Desert Rats. Our first stop was at my old USAF Base (George) now known as Southern California Logistics Airport (SCLA).

# 4001-4002: German Government A-340-300 VIP aircraft. The reason for the aircraft visit is unknown to us.
# 4003: Four retired British Airways Aircraft (two B-747-400's and two B-737-400's) being "parted-out" for recycling.
# 4004-4005: Two MD-11's becoming parts. After lunch a DA DUMP #2 --- Mollie's on Rt 66 near Helendale, we adjourned to the BNSF Mojave River Bridges at Cajon Sub MP 34.1.
# 4006: Another British Airways 747-400 turns DOWNWIND for SCLA, on what is
PROBABLY its last flight.
 The "TRAINS" photos can be seen on this page - click here      Enjoy,  GGG/DET

GGG 1/17/14 German A340-300 - 4001 GGG 1/17/14 Bundesrepublik Deutschland - 4002 GGG 1/17/14 BA B747 and 737 - 4003
GGG 1/17/14 World MD11 - 4004 GGG 1/17/14 parts spender - 4005 GGG 1/17/14 BA B747-400 - 4006
March 27, 2014: My old USAF Base (SCLA) has developed into a major recycling center for retired civilian aircraft. During our (with R & R Scanes-NZ) visit, I was somewhat surprised by the number of aircraft resting there from 'foreign' air carriers. I was also surprised at how much dust a HABOOB can move.
# 4047-4049: Quantas is obviously retiring most of its fleet of B-747's, 767's and older 737's. The DETA Air DC-10 is from a Kazakhstan airline. The UAL aircraft is a B-767. # 4050: A really old Delta B-727. # 4051: Three MD-11F's from Russia. # 4052: This three year old IRAQI AIR B-777, according to the airline BLOGS, was returned to Boeing who, in turn, sent it to SCLA for storage. # 4053: A LUZAIR (Portugal) L-1011. # 4054: An AB 319? from an unknown airline.
# 4055: Another BA-747-400 meets its end. GGG
GGG 3/27/14 Quantas line up - 4047 GGG 3/27/14 UAL B767 - 4048 GGG 3/27/14 DETA Ait DC10 - 4049
GGG 3/27/14 Delta B727 - 4050 GGG 3/27/14 Aeroflot MD11F's - 4051 GGG 3/27/14 Iraqi B777 - 4052
GGG 3/27/14 Luzair L1011 - 4053 GGG 3/27/14 Airbus A319 - 4054 GGG 3/27/14 BA B747 - 4055
Last week (11/06/14 and 11/10/14), I had several appointments around the area and so, I was mostly 'on my own'. NATURALLY, I "gyrated" toward anything related to planes or trains. I hope you enjoy this presentation - as much as I enjoyed photographing it.

At "SCLA" Southern California Logistics Airport (former George AFB). # 4140: Recent British Airways recycling arrivals - Boeing 767, 747, 737. This small facility was the former USAF Air Defense Alert "Barn/hangar" and housed, at different times, FULLY ARMED F-102's, F-106's and lastly F-16's.
# 4141: General Electric Jet Engine Test aircraft N747GE (B474-100) powering up for a flight. This aircraft is truly historic in that it was the #25 B-747 ever built, is 45+ years old and has 88,000+ flight hours on its airframe. If interested, the aircraft history (as of
2009) is here:
The above B 747-100 has been joined by a recently retired JAL B 747-400 in the numerous GE Jet Engine test programs at SCLA. # 4142: DoD / USA EMD GP10 @ USMCLB Daggett / Yermo.   GGG

GGG 11/06/14 BA Boeing Jets - 4140 GGG 11/06/14 GE Test N747 - 4141 GGG 11/06/14 US Army GP10 at Yermo - 4142

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Some photos of SCLA in 2017
August 6, 2017: Gary Gray visited "his old" George AFB in Victorville, CA. Now known as SCLA.
 Most have read that the USAF has issued a requirement for two new Presidential Aircraft --- commonly known as AIR FORCE ONE when the POTUS is aboard. Only two 'in production' aircraft meet the MANY MANY MANY Presidential aircraft requirements --- two of which demand a four engine aircraft with a huge square footage of usable deck space. Of course, the USA would never allow the President to routinely use a foreign built (read Airbus) aircraft --- leaving the Boeing 747-8 as the only contender. Candidate Trump strongly railed against the new AF #1 project costs during the Presidential campaign.

In 2013, a new Russian airline ordered four B-747-8i aircraft and, later, went bankrupt. Two aircraft (747i's) were built and flown to SCLA for long-term storage in late 2016.
Evidently, the USAF & BOEING are now "talking" !!!!
From: - see link below:
Last Sunday (8/6/17), Laura & I decided to go tour my old George AFB and find the two
TOTALLY UNUSED 747 airframes mentioned above. Naturally, the Big Boeings were "hidden" between Flight Line buildings and other large aircraft.

# 1702: This F-4D was part of a GAFB monument dedicated to those, who trained and / or served at George, but were lost. An F-105G was also part of the monument but, shortly after Base closure in 1992, the F-105 was moved to the USAF Plant 42 Museum in Palmdale CA. This F-4D sat in a northern forlorn area of SCLA until a group of volunteer retirees & civilians decided to restore it, and build a small park for the display.
GREAT JOB !!!!!    GGG
GGG 8/06/17 is our current best view of the future??? USAF #1's - 1701 GGG 8/06/17 See text above - 1702 GGG 8/06/17 A nice looking & airworthy DC-8-73-F sitting outside a paint hanger - not parked near a recycling area. - 1703
GGG 8/06/17 New arrivals in the recycling / storage prep area. - 1704 GGG 8/06/17 Asiana B-747-400 (25.7 years old)
 - 1705
GGG 8/06/17 Delta 727-200 (built 1978) - 1706
GGG 8/06/17 Global African Cargo MD-11F
 - 1707
GGG 8/06/17 MD-9-83 (built 1990) - 1708 GGG 8/06/17 Reclaimed B-777 for storage
- 1709

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October 2, 2017: Gary Gray & Marc Fournier drove out to SCLA to photograph two new "projects".
South West Airlines has retired all of their older B-737-300's & 500's -- replacing them with newer, larger & more efficient B-737-700's & 800's.   GGG / MF

Click here: Southwest retires Boeing 737-300's to storage – AirGuide:: Frequent Flyer Magazine – – AirGuideA
GGG 10/02/17 At the Northern end of the SCLA, . . . - 1711 GGG 10/02/17 . . . a "flock" of 25+ retired SWA-300's  - 1712
GGG 10/02/17 - 1713 GGG 10/02/17 Another group of 25+ SWA jets - 1714
GGG 10/02/17 It appears that all of the jets will be tape sealed in preparation for sale, lease or recycling.  - 1715 GGG 10/02/17 Three Allegant Airline MD-83's being recycled - 1716
Most are aware of V. W. emission problems with the US EPA. A portion of SCLA has been rented for BUY-BACK storage---along with many other areas across the US. Marc counted 200 rows with (up to) 100 cars in each row. New PRIVACY fencing & lighting has been installed around the guarded area. The area is approx 1.5 long by .5 miles wide. We ESTIMATE that there are, at least, 15,000 V.W. products in the lot. These pictures do not accurately show the size of the area.
Click here: What Is VW Going to Do with All Those Parked TDIs? | News | Car and Driver | Car and Driver Blog
GGG 10/02/17 SCLA V. W. BUY-Back lot. - 1717 GGG 10/02/17 SCLA V. W. BUY-Back lot. - 1718
GGG 10/02/17 SCLA V. W. BUY-Back lot. - 1719 GGG 10/02/17 SCLA V. W. BUY-Back lot. - 1720

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October 21, 2017: Gary Gray drove out to SCLA to photograph the Global Supertanker.
Last week, the Boeing-747-400 Global SuperTanker (fire fighting water / retardent bomber) was flown into Souther CA Logistics Airport. Evidently, the aircraft needed an engine change and SCLA is the perfect place, since there are numerous B-747-400's retired there.   GGG
Click here: B747-400 SuperTanker | Global Supertanker
GGG 10/21/17 Boeing 747-400 # 944 at SCLA - 1721 GGG 10/21/17 Engine #1 will be changed - 1722

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Some photos of SCLA in 2020
February 12, 2020: Gary and Marc drove out to SCLA to photograph some aircraft.
While out doing our Railroad thing last Wed, Marc & I came upon this view of Southern CA Logistics Airport (SCLA) --- (the former George AFB) --- from above Oro Grande, CA.   GGG & MF
GGG 2/12/20 - 2061 GGG 2/12/20 - 2062
# 2061 - 2064: Some of the many, retired commercial aircraft, in storage or awaiting recycling. However, from this vantage, we could not picture the 60+ retired (737-300) or grounded (B-737 MAX) of SouthWest Airlines.
GGG 2/12/20 - 2063 GGG 2/12/20 - 2064
GGG 2/12/20 AEROFLOT (Russian) MD-11 F being parted-out. - 2065 GGG 2/12/20 Retired Qantas B-747-400. The fact that this aircraft is parked outside the Boeing hanger, and not near the "Boneyard", indicates that this aircraft may fly again??? - 2066
March 25, 2020: Gary and Marc drove out to SCLA to photograph some aircraft.
After viewing the progress of the BNSF Mojave River Bridges Replacement  Program, we drove to SCLA.  With the severe downturn in air travel demand, it has been a major topic that  many airports would host the temporary storage of a huge number of airliners. SCLA was mentioned as a host for Delta & SouthWest Airlines aircraft.   GGG & MF

Coronavirus: Airport runways, taxiways used for aircraft storage - Business Insider
MF 3/25/20 SCLA from Quarry RD (above Oro Grande) - 2118 MF 3/25/20 Quarry RD (above SCLA) - 2119
MF 3/25/20 Sriwijaya (Indonesia) B-737 being recycled - 2120 MF 3/25/20 UAL B-747-400 being recycled - 2121
MF 3/25/20 Flynas (Saudi Arabia) AB-320 recycling - 2122 MF 3/25/20 Obviously some major construction / repair work upcoming at the electrical generation station. - 2123
MF 3/25/20 Obviously some major construction / repair work upcoming at the electrical generation station. - 2124 MF 3/25/20 Delta airliner storage - 2125
MF 3/25/20 Delta airliner storage - 2126 MF 3/25/20 Delta airliner storage - 2127
XY 3/25/20 - 2128 XY 3/25/20 - 2129
# 2128 &  2129:  A friend of a friend sent these two after landing at SCLA. SCLA is using the shorter runway for Delta aircraft storage.
The airport is using a parallel taxiway for SWA aircraft storage.
April 7, 2020: Gary and Marc drove out to SCLA to photograph some aircraft.
Marc & I drove to SCLA to checkout the commercial airliners stored due the Pandemic driven lack of passenger demand.
MF 4/07/20 Approximately 50 of the many of the Delta Airlines Jets stored at SCLA. - 2139
MF 4/07/20 all Delat jets in storage - 2140 MF 4/07/20 several Boeing 737-8 MAX in storage - 2141
# 2141: A few of the many GROUNDED Boeing 737-8 MAX jets awaiting FAA re-certification at SCLA.  BYW aircraft OK-SWR will be delivered (sometime) to SmartWings Airlines, a low-cost Czech airline.
New 4/15/20: Video concerning airliner storage at SCLA by Wolficom (10'19"):
Victorville California is currently one of the largest airplane parking lots in the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this video, in coordination with air traffic control (ATC), I fly a dramatic low approach in my Grumman Tiger over the closed runway that is currently home for over 400 unused jets. After that, we fly over the peak bloom of the Antelope Valley poppy fields to see an explosion of color in the Mojave Desert.
More about stored planes around the world from Bloomberg:

updated: August 23, 2020

August 18, 2020: Gary and Marc drove out to SCLA to photograph some aircraft.
Southern CA Logistics Airport (SCLA / VCV / ex George AFB) is a busy place. Besides a 'DEAD LINE' (for retired aircraft awaiting recycling), and storage for airliners awaiting reactivation, it appears the Boeing has moved some final fitting functions (for BRAND NEW aircraft about to be delivered) to SCLA.  GGG
Apologies for some of the settings /crowding in our below images, but no longer having flight-line privileges has its drawbacks. After some descriptives below, there are question marks--With the pandemic and the severe downturn in passenger air travel, many airlines have cancelled orders for or deferred deliveries of new aircraft. So, it is difficult to determine exactly when & to whom these new aircraft will be delivered.
Photos 2415 - 2418 are from the JETPHOTOS website and the photographers are credited on the individual images.
LH 1/25/20 - 2415
Aircraft awaiting recycling
JC 6/14/20 - 2416
Some of the Delta Airline aircraft awaiting reactivation and SouthWest B-737-8 MAX aircraft awaiting FAA permission to fly again.
MOE 6/15/20 - 2417
B-737-8 MAX aircraft painted for various airlines awaiting FAA "UN"-grounding.
RW 8/01/20 - 2418
Qantas A-380 aircraft recently withdrawn from active service.
GGG 8/18/20 - 2419
Mostly FedEx A-310's & DC-10's being recycled.
GGG 8/18/20 - 2420
Two new Aeroflot B-777's, being readied for delivery???
GGG 8/18/20 - 2421
A LAN/ LANTAM (Chile) B-787 & a JAPAN Airlines B-777 receiving final prep before delivery???
GGG 8/18/20 - 2422
Two LAN / LANTAM (Chile) B-787's being readied for delivery???
GGG 8/18/20 - 2423
Interesting visitor -- A Royal Air Force Airbus A-400M turboprop cargo aircraft on the VCV flightline.
MF 8/18/20 - 2424
A U. S. Navy E-2 "Hawkeye" AEW (Early Warning) aircraft shooting landings at VCV

Below are Bonus Photos (non SCLA)

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Flying over Mojave

Spectacular Photos
by Paul Dunn

April 2013

Copyright by Paul Dunn
Paul Dunn 4/13 Mojave Storage - 068 see all photos - click here Paul Dunn 4/13 Mojave Storage - 484


Edwards AFB with NASA 747 and Endeavour Space Shuttle in 9/2012
09-20-12: The NASA / Boeing Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) and Space Shuttle Endeavour made a very low flyby and then landed at NASA Dryden Flight Test Center / Edwards AFB. A good friend and I drove over (along with a thousand+ of our closest friends), and braved the near the 100F temperature while being closely watched by heavy USAF security. The Dryden area was very crowded and the concrete was amazingly HOT, so we decided to move two miles to the South end of the runway. The 747 / Shuttle stack flew in but made a low East to West pass across the runways and the Dryden Center well North of us----at which time I really began to question my decision to move. The gods were with us and the stack made a right 270 degree turn and flew down Runway 22 Left at about 500 feet --- to pass almost directly over us. The stack then flew its very wide pattern, landed and finished its rollout directly in front of us. Taxi back was made even more special when the AMERICAN FLAG appeared from the cockpit. The last two pictures will give some prospective as to the size of the stacked vehicles. You will probably notice some heat distortion -- typical of summer in the Mojave.  GREAT DAY  -  GGG
GGG 9/20/12 - 2615 GGG 9/20/12 - 2616 GGG 9/20/12 - 2617
GGG 9/20/12 - 2618 GGG 9/20/12 - 2619 GGG 9/20/12 - 2620
GGG 9/20/12 - 2621 GGG 9/20/12 - 2622 GGG 9/20/12 - 2623

Here is a youtube of the NASA 747/ Shuttle Endeavour over LA

SFO and LAX with NASA 747 and Endeavour Space Shuttle in 9/2012
September 2012: The NASA / Boeing Shuttle Carrier Aircraft (SCA) and Space Shuttle Endeavour made a very low flyby at San Francisco and Los Angeles and then landed at LAX. Some spectacular photography by unknown photographers.
9/12 - Nasa-11 9/12 - Nasa-12 9/12 - Nasa-09
9/12 - Nasa-05 9/12 - Nasa-07 9/12 - Nasa-06
9/12 - Nasa-27 9/12 - Nasa-08 9/12 - Nasa-03
9/12 - Nasa-13 9/12 - Nasa-14 9/12 - Nasa-15
9/12 - Nasa-16 9/12 - Nasa-04 9/12 - Nasa-21
9/12 - Nasa-22 9/12 - Nasa-23 9/12 - Nasa-02
9/12 - Nasa-25 9/12 - Nasa-26 9/12 - Nasa-24
9/12 - Nasa-01 9/12 - Nasa-10 9/12 - Nasa-17
9/12 - Nasa-18 9/12 - Nasa-19 9/12 - Nasa-20


Boeing / Seattle Museum of Flight - 8/2012
08-19-12: Thanks to my Seattle cousin who is a Boeing retiree, we were able to spend several hours at the Boeing / Seattle Museum of Flight.
Along with the Smithsonian and the USAF Museum in Dayton OH, this is one of World's best. Attached are just a very FEW of the exhibits available.
2633: The Boeing "Red Barn"---The original home of Boeing with the Museum in the background. 2634-35: Boeing B-17 & B-47
2636: Flyable DC-2 2637: SR-71 with D-21 (Drone). 2638: Boeing Model 40 --- First Boeing mail / passenger aircraft. 2639: Display area. 2640-41: P-51 & P47. 2642: Space Shuttle cargo bay --- was used for Shuttle load and fit testing. The Museum will also soon receive the Shuttle full scale Trainer.
2643: Boeing 707 Air Force 1 --- and the original 747. The Museum also has a Constellation and a Concord. 2644: Early in my cousin's career, Tom was a Flight Test Engineer on the very FIRST 747. He has some really wild tales to tell about the flight testing of the first truly LARGE commercial jet aircraft. Pictured are Tom and "his" airplane. GGG
GGG 8/19/12 - 2633 GGG 8/19/12 - 2634 GGG 8/19/12 - 2635
GGG 8/19/12 - 2636 GGG 8/19/12 - 2637 GGG 8/19/12 - 2638
GGG 8/19/12 - 2639 GGG 8/19/12 - 2640 GGG 8/19/12 - 2641
GGG 8/19/12 - 2642 GGG 8/19/12 - 2643 GGG 8/19/12 - 2644

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