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HO-Layout "Golden Fifties" Trains
by Reto Frick
Diese Anlage wurde erstmals an der 11th Convention im Jahr 2000 im Baustadium präsentiert. Als dann im 2003 das ALCA in Adliswil das Schulhaus verlassen musste, gab es im neuen LCH eine genügend grosse Fläche, sodass Reto Frick seine Anlage dort aufbauen und weiterbauen konnte.
Auf dieser 2-Leiter Anlage verkehren schwere Güterzüge und Streamliner Personenzüge von AT&SF, UP und SP in einer Gebirgslandschaft mit vielen Brücken und Tunnels.
This layout was first presented at the 11th Convention in 2000 still in construction stage. When the ALCA in Adliswil had to leave the schoolhouse back in 2003, there was enough space in the new LCH at Hinwil, so that Reto Frick was able to set up and build his layout there.
Heavy freight trains and streamlined passenger trains of AT&SF, UP and SP are running in a mountain landscape with many bridges and tunnels.
all photos below were taken in 2008
2008: UP train with Caboose 2008: above UP freight train and below AT&SF passenger train
2008: FT's coming out of the tunnel and are rolling over the lower level bridge 2008: Warbonnets passing the same bridge from the other side
2008: FT's are rolling over the curved trestle 2008: 4 unit FT's w/freight train
2008: Reefer train passing the lower level bridge 2008: this reefer train will soon enter the tunnel at right
2008: Big Boy on the upper level bridge 2008: Big Boys coming from the other side
2008: Big Boys are passing the first bridge on the lower level and along the steep rock formations
2008: Big Boy double header . . . . . . with long box car train
2008: Santa Fe Steam loco 2-8-8-2 is entering the tunnel Santa Fe Zebra stripe diesels are pulling a reefer train
2 Big Boys in action inside the layout and outside on the upper level
2008: from below a Big Boy on the wooden trestle 40' UP Box cars are behind the Big Boy
even the landscaping need some work, trains are rolling over temp. roadbed looking from the inside toward the valley (blue styrofoam)
2008: future site of valley with bridges 2008: temporare wooden boards will be replaced by bridges
May 2009: inside the layout are the helix loops 2009: Helix loops are built to be able to go from the lower to the upper level
all photos below were taken in 2011
taken in 2011 - upper (double track) and lower bridges (single track) - 43 tunnel portals are in place - 44
2011: both single track bridges are mounted - 35 double track bridge behind - 38
2011: new double track bridge seen from above - 39 finsihed double track steel bridge - 40
2011: the double track bridge is painted - 41 double track bridge seen from below - 42
2011: finally test mounted double track bridge on top - 36 the first trains are rolling over the new bridge - 37
all photos below were taken in 2014 (for larger size photos you may click on the RF number)
2014: overview of finished part RF-47 2014: weathered wooden trestle RF-48
2014: Valley with 5 different bridges RF-49 2014: below are single track bridges, on top is the double track bridge RF-50
2014: in the middle are 2 single track steel bridges RF-51 2014: the huge double tarck steel bridge is on top RF-52
all photos below were taken in 2016
2016: Big Boys in action . . . RF-53 2016: . . . with a box car train RF-54
2016: Big Boys are pulling a heavy train RF-55 2016: the UP train is like a snake RF-56
2016: famous Santa Fe Amos & Andy RF-57 2016: these are brass models made by Hallmark RF-58
2016:  test ride on the curved wooden trestle RF-59 2016: rolling over the wooden trestle RF-60
2016: Santa Fe GP7 and GP9 "Zebra Stripe" diesels RF-61 2016: they are pulling a reefer train RF-62
all photos below were taken in 2017
2017: Santa Fe EMD F7 A/B/B/A/A -Set on double track bridge RF-63 2017: UP Big Boy 4-8-8-4 on wooden bridge RF-64
2017: SP AC-5 Cab Forward 4-8-8-2 on wooden bridge RF-65 2017: SP AC-5 Cab Forward on steel bridge RF-66
2017: SP AC-5 Cab Forward on wooden bridge RF-67 2017: SP AC-5 Cab Forward on steel bridge RF-68
2017: AT&SF Warbonnet F7 A/B/B/A/A RF-69 2017: RF-70
2017: RF-71 2017: last photo with layout at the old location RF-72
in 2018, this layout was moved from one side and turned 90 ° because of available space as the On3 layout left the LCH in 2017.
2018: new location of the layout overview RF-73 2018: the left side with the valley is well visible RF-74
2018: ceiling and walls are all painted in light blue color RF-75 2018: the master layout builder Reto Frick in person RF-76
2018: the new visor has been mounted RF-77 2018: the visor has lights for the layout on the inside RF-78
2018: Valley with bridges module RF-79 2018: the visor is hanging on the metal mesh mounted on the ceiling RF-80
2018: layout with first visor RF-81 2018: same visor as seen from the left side RF-82
2018: visor inside with lamps RF-83 2018: these lamps give great illumination to the layout RF-84
2018: full length visors are mounted RF-85 2018: not all lamps are mounted so far RF-86

all photos copyright by Reto Frick

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