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updated: June 11, 2020 (Photos HS-73 to HS-74)

HO-Layout "Port of Los Angeles and Bridges over the Kootenai River"
by Albert Ilg and Heinz Schindler

Beschreibung der Anlage:

Die Anlage Port of LA ist 15 m lang und 3,7 m breit! Sie besitzt 2 Main Tracks A (aussen) und B (innen) . Track A hat 13 Geleise auf dem Schattenbahnhof, Track B deren 4. Zusätzlich existiert ein Loop, der über den Container Yard über ein Geleise hinter dem Backdrop auf den Loc Service-, Repair- und Maintenance Yard führt. Alle Geleise können analog oder digital befahren werden. Alle Weichen und die Geleise auf dem Schattenbahnhof sind über Computer schaltbar. Die Anlage kann von Zügen mit 50 – 60 Wagen befahren werden.

Gesucht werden Miglieder, die bereit sind, einen monatlichen Beitrag an die Mietzinskosten zu übernehmen.
Es können Züge aus dem Besitz der Miglieder oder welche von den Besitzern der Anlage gefahren werden.

Please note: The newest photos are at the end of the page - please scroll down. (Die neusten Photos sind ganz unten)

Rio Grande on the Howe Truss Bridge

CP Rail crossing the Kootenai River

Nice view of the complete Howe Truss Bridge built by Urs Weibel und Albert Ilg

Double Stack Train heading uphill - Part of the Port of Los Angeles Facility

Visitors during an open house (left HOn3-Layout, right HO-Layout)  -  all photos above by Dieter Stehli

11/17/08 Big mountains are dividing front and rear of the layout - HS-01 11/17/08 A large freeway is going across the mountains - HS-02
11/17/08 Factory at the yard entrance - HS-03 11/17/08 Heavy traffic on the freeway - HS-04
11/17/08 Left corner with new tracks for the shops - HS-05 11/17/08 New connections with cross overs - HS-06
6 photos above copyright by Heinz Schindler
Impressions of the Open House on September 11, 2010  -  4 photos below copyright by Roman Britt
Below are more photos taken in September 2010 by Heinz Schindler and Hans Baumgartner
9/2010 New Santa Fe Shops - HS-10 Custom built by Heinz Schindler using Great West Models elements - HS-20
9/2010 - Oil Pump and Palm Trees - HS-09 SF Diesel coming from the Shops and going to the Intermodal Terminal - HS-19
9/2010 New engine yard with Shop building - HS-13 The builder is moving some diesels - HS-14
9/2010 Huge staging yard with 17 tracks - HS-17 Heinz Schindler and Peter Gloor need a PC for the countless switches - HS-07
9/2010 Intermodal Terminal (main tracks below left) - HS-12 Santa Fe Steam crossing the rebuilt creek - HS-18
9/2010 Street Crossing - HS-15 Part of the Kootenai River Bridge - HS-21
9/2010 Close up of Intermodal Terminal w/Double Stack Train - HS-16 Santa Fe GP60M and GP60B at the right side of the layout - HS-08
11/01/10 Prototype Loco Shops are at Barstow  - HS-22 11/01/10 Total of 7 tracks are leading into the building - HS-23
11/01/10 Left go to ATSF Locomotive Service Facilities - HS-24 11/01/10 Loco Shop (all scratch built by H. Schindler) - HS-25
11/10/10 Inside Loco Repair Shop - HS-26 11/10/10 Shop outside - see photos HS-9, 10, 19 and 20 (above) - HS-27
11/10/10 Very realistic details inside the building - HS-28 11/10/10 Everything is scratchbuilt by Heinz Schindler - HS-29
11/10/10 It looks like real - HS-30 11/10/10 It seems the shop workers are having a break - HS-31
Below are more photos taken in July 2012 by Heinz Schindler (A big step forward in landscaping took place)
Diesel Servicing Facility - HS-32 Santa Fe Shops with nice landscaping (all scratch built) HS-33
Curved Bridge at the right side of the layout - HS-34 Staging Yard Entrance with Highway Bridge (fully landscaped) - HS-35
Close up of freeway bridge - HS-36 Freeway Bridge between the rock formations - HS-37
AT&SF Zebra Stipe Locos are crossing the Kootenai River - HS-38
AT&SF Zebra Stipe Locos with Reefer Train are crossing the Kootenai River - HS-39
AT&SF Yellow Bonnet Locos are crossing the Kootenai River - HS-40

new additions November 30, 2014

added 30. November 2014: Below are new photos of the staging yard with the new "Yard Loop".
Staging Yard with new Yard Loop around it - HS-41
The Yard Loop is behind the back drop - HS-42 Curve going to the Yard - HS-43

new additions July 30, 2015

After all, the layout got a Santa Fe Depot. It was made by Athearn several years ago.
This is the new base for the Depot - HS-44 Already with walkways and sand - HS-45
before adding the surroundings, it was put in place - HS-46 well integrated Depot - HS-47
this side is used for baggage - HS-48 Passenger Depot is ready for service - HS-49

 new additions January 28, 2016

Santa Fe Passenger Train is passing the new Depot
Santa Fe Super Chief is passing the new Depot - HS-50 2 EMD FP45 are pulling the train - HS-51

new additions October 18, 2016

Welcome to Kingman, Arizona
Twin Towers with Route 66 logo and Water Tower at right- HS-52 it looks like the real thing in Kingman - HS-53
BLMA signal bridge w/working lights  - HS-54   -  HS-55
  -  HS-56 El Capitan with 2 EMD FP45 Locos  -  HS-57

new additions August 1, 2017

Extension for new Argentine Yard
First modules are made (connection to existing layout) - HS-58 Another module w/tracks on lower level (below new yard) - HS-59

new additions September 5, 2017

Ceiling and walls get new "sky blue" color (afterwards, the Yard Extension can be built)
black was painted white first - HS-60 over the white, blue was applied - HS-61 light blue looks much better - HS-62

new additions January 10, 2018

The ceiling was painted light blue and got iron mesh for hanging the lights
most of the work is done - HS-63 soon, the lights will be mounted - HS-64

new additions July 22, 2018

Work continues with the new extension for the huge yard
there will be a double track mainline below the yard - HS-65 overview of the new part under construction - HS-66
the new double track mainline - HS-67 still a lot of work to be done - HS-68

new additions March 28, 2019

Guest from Australia, Brian Hancock, Perth and Darwin, Airplane Electronics Engineer

Zudem zeigen die Bilder, dass wir nun auf beiden Mainlines und den Einfahrten in den Schattenbahnhof fahren können! - HS-69 In addition, these photos proof that both main lines and the entrance to the staging yard is in operation! HS-70

new additions January 8, 2020

New "huge" Roundhouse under construction

Argentine Yard w/Roundhouse - HS-71 the new roundhouse is huge - HS-72

new additions June 11, 2020

The Roundhouse has been built up

Roundhouse w/several steam locos and one diesel - HS-73 AT&SF 2-10-4 along the roundhouse - HS-74

photos copyright by Heinz Schindler

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