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updated: September 21, 2017: (photos 160-163)

Cajon Pass Sub Photo Collection
Highway 138 Realignment Project
2016 - 2017

I am very pleased to show some exclusive photos of these photographers:
Don E. Toles (DET), Gary G. Gray (GGG), Marc Fournier (MF)
Bruce "Doc" Jones (BHJ), Keith Schreiber (KAS), Paul Westover (PW)
Michael Frei (MIF) (more to follow)

A big thank you for sharing these excellent pictures with us.
Note: The copyright belongs to these gentlemen. Do not use any photos without written permission.

October 14, 2016: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project is now under way.
For all who are familiar with Hwy 138 while visitting Cajon Pass, are aware of the old two lane and curvy Highway 138 coming from exit # 131 (I-15) and going to Summit. Several years ago, Hwy 138 has been widened after the exit toward Summit for the first 1.9 mls. But from that point up to Summit, it is a curvy up and down slow speed (mountain) road. Three bridges and one undercrossing will be built.
(Hog Ranch Creek Bridge, Vjner's Shack Creek Bridge, OHV Undercrossing, Double Drajn Cheek Bridge)
 Map copyright by Caltrans and RUS -  6214
more infos:
more detailed infos with different maps:

Hwy 138 looking toward Summit. Photo Courtesy (copyright):
San Bernardino County Sherrif's Department

Hwy 138 is famous for the mountain style road with tight curves, up and down with grade up to 15 %. Every railfan knows this road very well while hanging around Cajon Pass.
Photo copyright: The Daily Press, Victorville, CA

close up of Summit w/BNSF tracks. Photo Courtesy (copyright):
San Bernardino County Sherrif's Department

all photos are copyright by the original photographer and as
mentioned with each picture.
This curvy and hilly road will be history in 2018.
Photo copyright: The Daily Press, Victorville, CA

Abbreviations found on this page: EB = East Bound, NB = North Bound, SB = South Bound, WB = West Bound
For bigger size photos - please click on the 3-digit number below each photo (the first letters specify the photographer).

October 20, 2016: Take a ride on Highway 138
This video was taken on May 12, 2011 and shows a bike ride from I-15 Eastbound uphill to Summit. Enjoy the "old" Hwy 138.
Video by Gerald Blake (5'22"):
Here is another video taken on July 19, 2014 and shows also an Eastbound bike ride from I-15 to Summit.
Video by Chris Cullens (4'28"):


October 29, 2016: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project. Photos by Michael Frei.
There is not much going on regarding the construction in late October. Lots of equipment and huge pipes are on a fenced site.
MIF 10/29/16 - 001 MIF 10/29/16 - 002
MIF 10/29/16 - 003 MIF 10/29/16 - 004
MIF 10/29/16 - 005 MIF 10/29/16 - 006


January 7, 2017: Take a ride on Highway 138
This video shows a car ride from Summit Valley Road Westbound down to Wagon Trail Road just East of I-15. Enjoy the "old" Hwy 138.
Video (5'22"):

updated: February 5, 2017

January 30, 2017: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project.
Don, Marc & I are doing our best to document the realignment and rebuilding of CA SR (State Route) 138 between I-15 & Cajon Summit. Any who have driven this existing "highway" know of its amazing Roller Coaster / Switch Back (lack of safety) design. The hills between the older & lower alignment and the new highway make it difficult to photograph construction progress.   GGG, MF, DET

Pictures #008 - #013 were taken between (A),
the HWY 138 Summit & (BR-3)-Bridge #3.
#1 I further edited a CALTRANS / RUS map of the project. (A), (B), (BR) etc identify our approximate Photo locations with (BR-1, -2, or -3) also noting where the three new bridges will be built. - 007
GGG 12/14/16 Looking Compass East, the new Summit route of Hwy 138 can be seen. - 008 GGG 12/14/16 However, the new highway will be much lower - close to BNSF track level. - 009
GGG 1/30/17 #010 Looking NW, track level and the new highway excavation can be seen.  - 010 GGG 1/30/17 #011 Looking W, the existing Hwy 138 and the new route can be seen.  - 011
GGG 1/30/17 - 012  the World's bravest, or most skilled, - - - - - - or most suicidal dozer operator.  GGG 1/30/17 - 013
GGG 1/30/17 - 014 GGG 1/30/17 - 015
#014 & #015 Looking East from (BR-3), the Eastern abutment and Eastern pier of Bridge 3 are pictured. It is our understanding that after the abutments and piers are completed, the entire area will be filled in and the bridge will be built on solid ground. That technique eliminates much of the expensive false work & concrete pumping. Of course, after bridge completion, the excess dirt will be dug out returning normal drainage to the area.

 updated: March 11, 2017

March 1, 2017: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project.
Bruce "Doc" Jones made some accurate pictures on March 1 of the Hwy 138 construction site at Summit incl. 4 photos of train action as seen from the Summit overlook. Please refer position (A) and (BR #3) on the map (007) above.
BHJ 3/01/17 From Post Office Rd & Hwy 138, a view of the Summit Overlook and the beginning changes to Hill above the overlook. - 016 BHJ 3/01/17 Climbing to the Summit Overlook ---- (A) on map - 017
BHJ 3/01/17 Climbing to the Summit Overlook ---- (A) on map - 018 BHJ 3/01/17 From the Summit Overlook, East to Post office RD. The new SR 138 alignment will connect to the present 138, just this side of P. O. Road.  - 019
BHJ 3/01/17 From the Overlook, West showing both old & new SR 138 alignments.  - 020 BHJ 3/01/17 From (BR #3), pier & abutment progress on new Bridge #3.
- 021
BHJ 3/01/17 BNSF 5000 EB on MT-1 from Overlook  - 022 BHJ 3/01/17 BNSF 6891 EB on MT-3 Summit Curve - 023
BHJ 3/01/17 BNSF 6851 EB on MT-1 - 024 BHJ 3/01/17 BNSF 6949 WB from MT-3 to MT-2 - 025
March 9, 2017: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project.
I've was up at the Summit Overlook yesterday (09 March 17) to get some stills and video before it comes down. I talked to one of the field engineers from one of the contractors on the project and he said indeed both the overlook and the big hill across the highway were coming down. I'm assuming (that can be dangerous) that the overlook and the hill will end up being fill in the ravine west of the overlook. All along the route from the road to Hill 582 up to Summit there is a lot of construction acitvity and grading. It's going to be a lot different up there when they finish.  Bruce "Doc" Jones
BTW, there is a road closure in effect from March 21 to April 4.
I'm assuming (dangerous again) that it will begin at the I-15/138 junction. Not sure where it will be on the east end.

updated: March 23, 2017

March 20, 2017: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project.
On 20 March, Marc & I decided to photograph the 138 Cajon Summit area while we still had complete access. Naturally, we had to visit Don on Hill 582 and wound up the day with lunch at DA DUMP.   GGG, MF & DET
GGG 3/20/17 Summit Hill, the Summit overlook & BNSF track level at Cajon Summit. It APPEARS that Most of Summit Hill will be removed. We have been told that the new SR 138, at Summit, will be down near BNSF track level.  - 026 GGG 3/20/17 Close up of Summit Hill from Post Office Road. In front is the current location Highway 138.  - 027
GGG 3/20/17 From Summit Overlook (A) on MAP, BNSF 7442 is EB with an empty ethanol. - 028 GGG 3/20/17 From Summit Overlook, looking West at old & new road alignments and drainage installation.  - 029
From (BR #3), the Eastern abutment & three sets of piers for Bridge #3 are shown. Much of the dirt removed from Summit Hill will be used to build up the area to the tops of the abutments so that the bridge can be built on solid ground. This technique will eliminate the tremendous cost of building all of the support structure & 'false work', strong enough to support tons & tons of steel and concrete 30+ feet above the existing grade. Obviously, after bridge construction is complete, the supporting dirt will be removed and the terrain restored to it's present contours.
GGG 3/20/17 - 030 GGG 3/20/17 - 031
GGG 3/20/17 View of Bridge #3 and the road alignment East toward Cajon Summit.  - 032 GGG 3/20/17 View FROM HILL 582, the eastern half of the project is shown starting at Bridge #3. - 033

updated: March 29, 2017

March 22, 2017: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project.
With the SR 138 closure, MAD Marc has spent the last few days searching for and finding a new viewpoint to show the project. The work, for the last week, has centered on cutting away the Summit Hill (above the Summit Overlook).
Marc's new vantage is across the BNSF triple mains from the SR 138 Summit Overlook. As normal with MAD MARC, the off the road King, getting there is
MORE THAN HALF the "FUN". This new place where no man has ever wanted to go is now officially known as
Using eight twin engine "scrapers", three HUGE "dozers", and numerous generator powered flood lights, the excavation has continued for, at least, two shifts per day & six days a week. MF
MF 3/22/17 Overview of Summit Overlook Hill.  - 034 MF 3/22/17 Six of the eight scrapers climb the very steep ramp on the East end of the Hill, scrape a load and ----  - 035
MF 3/22/17 - 036 MF 3/22/17 - 037
Descend the even steeper WEST ramp to deposit their loads to elevate the canyon between the Overlook and Bridge #3--- (A) & (BR#3) on map. Note that 'down ramp' was built over the existing SR 138. When empty, the scrappers climb the shorter ramp up to SR 138, travel East and repeat the process. Of course, SR 138 is still closed for any traffic and should be reopened after April 4.
MF 3/22/17 Empty scrappers climb the shorter ramp up to SR 138, travel East and go up (photo 035) to load dirt. - 038 MF 3/22/17 While a scrapper travels East on SR 138 to grab another load, a precariously placed dozer pushes dirt over the side of the Hill.  - 039
MF 3/22/17 BNSF 6793 is WB under the Overlook & ramps. - 040 MF 3/22/17 BNSF 6793 is WB under heavy equipment - 041
While photographing the realignment of SR 138, we have been treated to numerous rollby's from both the UP & BNSF.   MF / GGG
MF 3/22/17 UP 2594 SB at UP Hiland siding (Cajon Summit) - 052 MF 3/22/17 UP 5465 DPU's SB at UP Hiland siding (same train) - 053
MF 3/22/17 Project Overview of Summit Overlook Hill - 054 MF 3/22/17 BNSF 8026 East approaches Summit - 055
MF 3/22/17 BNSF 7844 West passes the first (of two) UP EB military trains near WSI - 056 MF 3/22/17 BNSF 7829 is EB at Summit curve - 057
#058-065: UP 6577 with CSX is EB with a second military train. The train, probably headed to Yermo / Ft Irwin, carries equipment of the 3rd Infantry Division including M109A6 155mm Self Propelled Howitzers, M992A3 ammunition support vehicles and various other support vehicles.
Thanks to US Army Colonel (ret) Chuck Donaldson for his help in ID'ing the military equipment.
MF 3/22/17 UP 6577 EB - 058 MF 3/22/17 - 059
MF 3/22/17 - 060 MF 3/22/17 - 061
MF 3/22/17 - 062 MF 3/22/17 - 063
MF 3/22/17 - 064 MF 3/22/17 - 065

updated: March 29, 2017

March 24, 2017: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project.
As reported, the Summit Overlook hill is being lowered / destroyed using eight HUGE scrapers and three equally HUGE dozers. Interesting to us were the steep inclines and seemingly dangerous "perches" these machines and their operators work on. To take the attached pictures, I made SURE that the camera was absolutely LEVEL--- horizontality.   GGG & MF
GGG 3/24/17 - 042 GGG 3/24/17 - 043
# 042-045: The machines climb the East slope of the Summit Overlook Hill.
GGG 3/24/17 - 044 GGG 3/24/17 - 045
GGG 3/24/17 To closely photograph the Western ramps, it is necessary to get to Marc's Madness. Pictured is ONE of the deep and/or soft ground obstacles that must be negotiated. - 046 GGG 3/24/17 From the Western end of the hill, loaded scrappers descending the ramp, on the right, were lowering and dragging their buckets to aid in braking. - 047
GGG 3/24/17 It appeared the scrappers were really laboring to climb the return (to old SR 138) ramp.  - 048 GGG 3/24/17 The dirt was used to raise the new alignment, between the summit curve and the new bridge #3. - 049
click here: 138-029-04-GGG-03-20-17.jpg
MF 3/24/17 - 050 MF 3/24/17 - 051
Piers & West abutment for Bridge #3. Again, this area will be totally filled- in so that the bridge can be built on solid ground.
To finish with the trains we've photographed while documenting the SR138 realignment project, here are the last ten.  MF / GGG
GGG 3/24/17 UP 7667 is SB at UP Cajon Summit (Hiland) - 066 GGG 3/24/17 UP 7273 DPU SB at UP Cajon Summit (same train) - 067
GGG 3/24/17 From above the UP Cajon Summit, UP 7643 is NB to Palmdale - 069 GGG 3/24/17 From above the UP Cajon Summit UP 8684 SD70ACe DPU  NB on same train to Palmdale - 070
GGG 3/24/17 BNSF / UP power mix is WB on the BNSF just RR West of Summit - 068 MF 3/24/17 With the UP Cajon Summit tracks in the foreground, a view of Summit Hill as of 03-24-17 - 075
MF 3/24/17 BNSF 7620 is EB on BNSF MT-3 . . .  - 071 MF 3/24/17 . . .  @ USFS 3N45 near WSI - 072
MF 3/24/17 - 073 MF 3/24/17 - 074

 updated: April 4, 2017

April 2, 2017: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project.
Marc sends a few of the Summit Overlook Hill ----- (THEN & NOW)  MF & GGG
MF 3/22/17 Summit Overlook Hill as of 22 March 17 - 076 MF 4/02/17 Summit Overlook Hill as of 02 April 17 - 077
MF 4/02/17 East end of the Hill as of 2 April 17 - 078 MF 4/02/17 West end of the Hill as of 2 April 17 - 079
MF 4/02/17 Two views of the NEAR FINAL grade . . . . - 080 MF 4/02/17 . . . between Summit Curve and Bridge #3 - 081

 Yes, Highway 138 is open for traffic, again!

April 9, 2017: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project.
This morning was cloudy & chilly in the Cajon but, it being a Sunday, there were no huge machines working and traffic was very light on SR 138. So, it was a good day to work on some 'THEN & NOW' pictures.  GGG & LMG
GGG 3/20/17 Summit Overlook Hill on 20 March from Post Office Rd
 - 082
GGG 4/09/17 Summit Overlook Hill today 04 April from Post Office Rd
- 083
LMG 4/09/17 The earth moving fleet at rest from the Summit Overlook
 - 084
LMG 4/09/17 The earth moving fleet at rest from the Summit Overlook
 - 085
GGG 3/20/17 - 086 GGG 4/09/17 - 087
#086 & #087: As reported before, the VERY low areas between the piers of the three new bridges will be built up so that said bridges may be built on solid ground - thus eliminating the need for very expensive supporting structures. Obviously, the terrain will be returned to its normal contours post construction. Bridge #3 piers on 20 March and almost buried today.


Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project - Special Infos
I have been asked, several times, why this very expensive road project is necessary. State Rd (SR) 138, both East & West of I-15, has long been known as "BLOOD ALLEY" for it's numerous accidents and fatalities.

I found a YOU TUBE motorcycle video of the drive between Cajon Summit down to I-15. While the drive does not look that bad, remember that SR-138 is very narrow with no escape shoulders and numerous "blind" switchbacks. Add in the large number of motor homes & vehicles towing boat trailors to our mountain lakes & parks, and the recipe for disaster is complete.

There is a plan to build 13,000+ homes in Cajon Summit Valley --- just East of the Railroad Summit.
Also, remember that most CA drivers observe a minimum speed limit of 70 MPH (on any road) - and bad weather (such a Cajon often sees) means

OH, BTW Booze is cheap and POT is now legal in CA.   GGG

Enjoy the old Hwy 138 from Summit overlook toward I-15:
More Infos about Highway 138:
(just click on the first photo w/Josua Trees)

updated: April 29, 2017

April 26, 2017: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project - Summit
For the last week, SoCal weather has been dismal with low clouds, 50 MPH winds, dust storms and the beginnings of fire season. On 26 April, our friend Keith Schreiber visited SR 138 / Cajon Summit to photograph progress of the realignment. Keith sends the following.    KAS & GGG
KAS 4/26/17 From BNSF Summit looking up at the SR 138 Summit Overlook - 088 KAS 4/26/17 From BNSF Summit looking up at the SR 138 Summit Overlook - 089
KAS 4/26/17 What's left of Summit Overlook Hill from WEST SR 138
 - 090
KAS 4/26/17 View of Summit Overlook Hill from SR 138 Overlook with equipment - 091
KAS 4/26/17 Another view of Summit Overlook Hill from SR 138 Overlook - 092 KAS 4/26/17 Looking West from W. Summit Overlook -- toward new Bridge #3  - 093
On 27 April, Laura, Marc & I drove down to Ontario via I-15. On our return (uphill) trip, with MAD MARC driving 75 MPH into a 50 MPH dust storm headwind, I was able to grab these shots looking toward SR-138 Summit some 2.5 miles East. GGG
GGG 4/27/17 Above BNSF Silverwood and the Summit Curve is the existing SR 138 Summit Overlook (vehicle parked) and a view of the "excavation" of Summit Hill - 094 GGG 4/27/17 If you trace, left to right, across the bottom third of the picture, UP NB to Palmdale, the Silverwood Connector, BNSF #1 & #2, WSI, BNSF MT #3 - 095

updated: May 3, 2017

May 1, 2017: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project - Summit and USFS 3N45
Was up on the summit yesterday and I must say that they are really making progress. In some areas the dirt removal is below the 138. Won't be long and that road will be no more as we know it. I also took some pictures of our train watching spot that so many of us have enjoyed over the years. Great location.   KAS
KAS 5/01/17 From Cajon (Hwy 138) Summit / Summit overlook --- looking WB - 096 KAS 5/01/17 From Cajon (Hwy 138) Summit / Summit overlook --- looking WB w/BNSF Summit Curve - 097
KAS 5/01/17 Cajon Summit Hill excavation from SR 138 - 098 KAS 5/01/17 Cajon Summit Hill excavation from SR 138 - 099
KAS 5/01/17 Cajon Summit Hill excavation from SR 138 - 100 KAS 5/01/17 Looking NE with P.O. Rd heading up (on the left) to BNSF Cajon Summit --- & SR 138 (between the far machines) heading toward Hesperia and the Mountain Lakes. If our contractor sources are correct, Keith's photographic location will be reduced to the same level of SR 138 in the distance.  - 101
#102 & #103: US Forest Service 3N45 is the old road going uphill from the existing SR 138 NORTH past the new SR 138, WSI, under BNSF 3,2 & 1 and over the UP Palmdale Cutoff --- eventually ending at the OLD (and fire destroyed) Summit Inn at I-15 SUMMIT. Keith's pictures were taken from the soon to be abandoned section of 3N45 between the old and new USFS 3N45's ---- looking North (UPHILL) across the new SR 138. This intersection must be redesigned since the new SR 138 will be a 55 MPH Highway.  KAS / GGG
KAS 5/02/17 - 102 KAS 5/02/17 - 103


May 6, 2017: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project - "Hauling out 657 scrapers"
These are the scrapers used on the 138 alignment project  -  being hauled off to another earth moving project. In other words, guess they're finished with the major earth movements on the SR 138 project. Also nice to see, how these huge trucks are rolling over the temporary pavement connecting old SR 138 section. In the backround we can even see a BNSF EB intermodal train.
Great film with drone taken by SoCalEarthMovers (3'52"):


May 8, 2017: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project (20 % complete)
Excellent footage of construction incl. many views from drone by Caltrans.
Be sure to follow us for more real time updates: Caltrans District 8:
Video by Caltrans District 8 (2'20"):

updated: May 20, 2017

May 10, 2017: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project - as seen from Hill 582
Here are a few of the Hwy 138 project from Hill 582 when Spike and I (Bruce "Doc" Jones) were there on May 10.
It shows a different more general perspective of where the road is going to go.
Note the bridge construction and the path of the old Hwy 138 up the hill toward the Summit Overlook.
It seems to me the Summit Overlook might survive so long as some of the old road survives. Any thoughts on that?   Doc Jones
BHJ 5/10/17 Looking toward Summit - 110 BHJ 5/10/17 In the foreground is BNSF MT-3 - 111
BHJ 5/10/17 closer view - 112 BHJ 5/10/17 Bridge construction is visible - 113

 updated: May 20, 2017

May 19, 2017: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project - Summit
Keith Schreiber visited the SR 138 Cajon Summit area yesterday and sends the following  -  THANKS KEITH   -   KAS & GGG

#104-105: Looking across SR 138, from the Cajon Summit Observation area, the double terracing of the Summit Hill can be seen. The crews are installing a green mesh, probably infused with the seeds of native desert plants, to battle the inevitable future erosion.
KAS 5/19/17 - 104 KAS 5/19/17 closer view from K-Rails - 105
#106-108: With the existing SR 138 on the upper right, it APPEARS ??? the new SR 138 alignment will be BETWEEN the old SR 138 Road /Summit Observation area and Summit Hill.
KAS 5/19/17 - 106 KAS 5/19/17 - 107
KAS 5/19/17 - 108 KAS 5/19/17 Detailed view of Summit Hill - 109

updated: May 30, 2017

May 28, 2017: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project
Last SUNDAY (5/28/17), Marc & I decided to do a an in-depth trip to document progress on the SR-138 realignment project. With MAD MARC driving, I never know where I will wind up --- but it's always a fun adventure!!! Being a Sunday and a NON-work day, we were somewhat confident about not being flattened by some HUGE earth mover.

Also, as previously mentioned, the areas between the very tall bridge abutments and piers have been filled-in so that the bridge 'false work' and later concrete pouring may be accomplished on solid ground --- with the normal terrain to be restored later.  GGG & MF
#114 & #115 Using the UPRR / USFS road from Oak Hills to Summit, we caught BNSF 5390 WB heading down the hill.
GGG 5/28/17 BNSF 5390 WB on MT-3 at Summit - 114 GGG 5/28/17 same BNSF intermodal leaving Summit - 115
GGG 5/28/17 From Post Office Rd, the Summit Hill is pictured. The brown material on terrace #2 is burlap placed to protect the green HYDROSEED sprayed to prevent erosion. - 116 GGG 5/28/17 From the Eastern base of Summit Hill, the Hill & SR-138 (to the right) can be seen.  - 117
GGG 5/28/17 From the Summit Overlook area looking West, the new alignment & the BNSF Summit Curve.  - 118 GGG 5/28/17 BNSF 5998 EB passes Hill 582 (left)- 119
GGG 5/28/17 BNSF 5998 EB climbs to Summit Curve - 120 GGG 5/28/17 BNSF 5998 EB rounds Summit Curve into Summit - 121
#122 & #123 Bridge #2 looking West. We have been asked why we take no pictures of bridges #1 or #2. After an "INTERESTING" MAD MARC DEMOLITION DERBY DRIVE (on what's left of Pipeline Road), we could finally see the Bridge #2 area. Obviously, we normally can't use the one construction access road from SR-138 nor the new alignment thus making photography of Bridges #1 & #2 near impossible.
GGG 5/28/17 Bridge #2 - 122 GGG 5/28/17 Bridge #2 (to be built) - 123
GGG 5/28/17 Bridge #3, looking East, from the new SR-138 alignment.
GGG 5/28/17 Bridge #3, looking East, from the new SR-138 alignment.
GGG 5/28/17 From INSIDE the Summit Curve BNSF 6619 is WB. - 126 GGG 5/28/17 UP 4783 East climbs toward the Summit Curve. - 127

updated: July 1, 2017

June 27-29, 2017: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project
As most know, Bob Widholm (San Diego) often drives his motor home up here - to spend a long weekend on West Summit Island. Paul Westover (CA City - North of Edwards AFB) visited Bob and, while in the area, took the following images of the SR-138 realignment.  PW / GGG
From the West end of the summit Outlook:
#128: From Right to Left---The new TEMPORARY SR 138, "K rails", the OLD 138 and the OLD Summit Observation area.
UNDERSTAND the area left of the "K rails" will be lowered to near track level and will hold the FINAL SR-138 alignment ????
PW 6/27/17 new temporary SR 138 above Summit - 128 PW 6/27/17 BNSF 5473 EB enters the Summit curve - 129
From 3N45 / BR- #3
PW 6/27/17 an image of WSI with Bob's Motorhome - 130 PW 6/27/17 Bridge # 3 under construction - 131
PW 6/27/17 Bridge # 3 under construction - 132 PW 6/27/17 I'm told that Paul "let Bob outta his cage for this picture"
- 133
From the second day of their visit to WSI, Bob & Paul send the following:

#134: BNSF 3816 leads a very late AMT #3 West, past West Summit Island.

#135: After joining DET on Hill 582, the trio found Robby the Rattler #XX. Realizing the these VARMINTS are protected by the State of California, they PROPERLY cared for & removed the creature from the Hill.   PW / GGG
PW 6/28/17 Delayed AMT #3 WB past WSI - 134 PW 6/28/17 Robby the Rattler on Hill 582 - 135
Second Addition to HIGHWAY 138 REALIGNMENT above - Images by Paul Westover 06-29-17
PW 6/29/17 A new culvert is placed near Bridge #3 - 136 PW 6/29/17 BNSF 8035 WB @ WSI on MT-2 - 139
PW 6/29/17 UP 1996 is WB @ WSI - 137 PW 6/29/17 AmTrak #3 WB @ WSI on MT-3 - 138
PW 6/29/17 BNSF 8175 EB and above UP NB on UPT - 140 PW 6/29/17 BNSF LIGHT POWER move WB MT-3 @ WSI - 141
PW 6/29/17 Bridge #3 as of 06-29-17 - 142 PW 6/29/17 UP HI-RAIL on Silverwood Connector - 143
PW 6/29/17 JAZZ (the WONDER DOG) saving the Mojave environment
- 144
PW 6/29/17 Late afternoon UP 9027 EB on MT-1 @ WSI - 145

updated: July 18, 2017

July 16, 2017: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project - Summit
Yesterday (07-16-17) was HOT, HUMID (for here), and SMOKEY (from all of the CA fires). However Marc & I braved??? the Cajon weather to collect the attached.
# 146: The contractor has built an SHOO FLY to allow realignment of SR-138 to continue. Between the OLD & NEW 138 alignments, a trench is being dug which will hold the SR-138 final alignment. The asphalt has been removed from the old 138. It is unknown, to us, exactly what the fate of the old Summit overlook will be.
# 147: From the East end of Summit Hill, the new temporary & old SR-138 alignments are visible.
GGG 7/16/17 - 146 GGG 7/16/17 - 147
GGG 7/16/17 03 Driving WB on the Shoo FLY - 148 GGG 7/16/17 From the East end of Summit Hill, looking West toward Bridge #3---with Hill 582 visible in the background. - 149
GGG 7/16/17 Looking West at the East end of BR - #3. A few degrees of "superelevation" (tilt) was built into the bridge - which will lead into a road turn just behind the camera. - 150 GGG 7/16/17 The West end of BR - #3 with the aforementioned road curve visible. - 151
GGG 7/16/17 Marc took this image showing how much higher Bridge #3 is, above the old SR-138 alignment. - 152 GGG 7/16/17 Looking West at Bridge #2 - 153
DET & his helpers are doing a SUPER job of tending Hill 582 during our severe long-term heat wave---The Hill NEVER LOOKED BETTER
GGG 7/16/17 A view of BR - #3 showing the bridge's "superelevation" & the road curve - 154 GGG 7/16/17 From BR - #3 to Summit - 155

updated: August 20, 2017

August 18, 2017: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project
Marc & I visited DET on Hill 582 yesterday (Friday). We also checked out the SR 138 realignment project, but found little progress to report.

# 156: Nothing much has changed on Summit Hill, except for the installation of even more "wattles" to control erosion. The Summit observation point is untouched --- so far.  GGG & MF
GGG 8/18/17 Summit Hill - 156 GGG 8/18/17 More forms being placed for Bridge #3 - 157
GGG 8/18/17 More forms being placed for Bridge #3 - 158 GGG 8/18/17 Just West of Bridge #3, a 12 foot culvert was built 'on-site', to carry creek water under the new SR-138.  - 159

updated: September 21, 2017

September 13, 2017: Highway 138 (East) Realignment Project
A while back, Bob Widholm (San Diego) camped on West Summit Island for several days. He was joined by Paul Westover (California City) and Lois M. (Hemet) ----- together, they explored the SR 138 Realignment Project.

Current contractor efforts appear to be centered on finishing the three bridges.
# 160: Something seldom seen on Cajon --- a “dirty (contaminated) dirt” train headed East --- Taken from near WSI with the Silverwood Connector on the left & BNSF MT #3 on the right. 
Paul Westover Photography  -  GGG
PW 9/11/17 Dirt Train pass WSI - 160 PW 9/13/17 Bridge #2 - 161
PW 9/13/17 Bridge #3 - 162 PW 9/13/17 Bridge #3 - 163


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