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updated: June 16, 2019: RS-1926 to 1932 / BHJ-028 to 226 w/Big Boy 4014 - just scroll down!

Cajon Pass Photo Collection 14/14

I am very pleased to show some exclusive photos of these photographers:
Don E. Toles (DET), Gary G. Gray (GGG), Marc Fournier (MF).
Bruce H. Jones "Doc Jones" (BHJ), Don Winslow (DW), Ryan Slaton (RS)

Guest Photographers: Alvin Bustamante (AB), Eugen Haenseler (EH), James Hickey (JH)
A big thank you for sharing these excellent pictures with us.
Note: The copyright belongs to these gentlemen. Do not use any photos without written permission.

Photos are sorted by date (not by location): oldest are on top and newest at the bottom - just scroll down!
Some photos were taken at one of these locations below (we usually mention the place of the photo):
Dagget, Barstow, Victorville/Narrows, Frost/Crossover, Hesperia, Lugo/Martinez, Summit, West Summit Island, Silverwood, Hill 582 Area, Alray/Tunnel Area, CP Walker/Davis Ranch Road, Mormon Rocks/Stein's Hill/Pine Lodge/HWY 138, Sullivan's Curve, Cajon Station/Junction, Graffiti Bridge, Swarthout Canyon Road Crossing, Blue Cut, Lower Canyon, San Bernardino, Colton Yard

Bonos Photos - non Cajon Pass - are at the bottom of this page (just scroll down)

Abbreviations found on this page: EB = East Bound, NB = North Bound, SB = South Bound, WB = West Bound, MT-1 = BNSF Main Track 1, MT-2 = BNSF Main Track 2, MT-3 = BNSF Main Track 3, UPT = UP Colton-Palmdale Cutoff Track, MP = Mile Post, DRR = Davis Ranch Road, DPU = Distributed Power Unit (Helpers), SC = Sullivan's Curve,  SWC = Swarthout Canyon Road Crossing, WSI = West Summit Island, KCR = Kemper Campbell Ranch, JAC-BAR = San Jacinto to Barstow Train

For bigger size photos - please click on the 4-digit number below each photo (the first letters specify the photographer)..

updated: January 20, 2019

January 15, 2019: Marc Fournier contributed the first photos for our 2019 album.
Marc on the PROWL

As most know, the UP has painted several diesels into "heritage" paint schemes and a few more to honor organizations. The latest paint scheme "Spirit of Union pacific" honors the military services (UP 1943).

Several years ago, UP unveiled a unit painted to resemble Air Force ONE and lettered for former President George H. W. Bush (UP 4141). This unit has seen little service over the years, being "held" in reserve to lead the Presidential funeral train. Since completion of honors & services for the late President, UP 4141 & UP 1943 have been placed on display at a few UP system stops. This week, both units were at West Colton, CA.
Marc visited UP West Colton, followed by a quick stop at the Pepper Ave Bridge and ending at the San Bernardino MetroLink Station.   Marc & GGG
MF 1/15/19 UP 4141 & 1943 on display - 9001 MF 1/15/19 UP 1943 on display - 9002 MF 1/15/19 UP 4141 on display - 9003
MF 1/15/19 GATX tank car repair facility near W. Colton - 9004 MF 1/15/19 Two MetroLink units at San Bernardino - 9005 MF 1/15/19 Two MetroLink units at San Bernardino - 9006

updated: January 28, 2019

January 9, 2019: Alvin Bustamante visited Hill 582 the first time.
We are pleased of having the permission to publish these outstanding photos (some taken with a drone).
AB 1/09/19 Hill 582 as seen from the West side - 9007 AB 1/09/19 Hill 582 as seen from the East side - 9008
AB 1/09/19 BNSF EB w/Hill 582 - 9009 AB 1/09/19 UP SB on UPT - 9010 AB 1/09/19 BNSF & UP SB w/Hill at left - 9011
AB 1/09/19  Gate to enter from HWY 138 - 9012 AB 1/09/19 Hill 582 Main Street - 9013 AB 1/09/19 Chard Walker Memorial - 9014
AB 1/09/19 more Memorials - 9015 AB 1/09/19 East side w/bench - 9016 AB 1/09/19 Memorials of Hill 582 - 9017

updated: February 4, 2019

January 15, 2019: Marc Fournier's exploration of the Mojave Desert.
Attached are a few from Marc's never ending exploration of the Mojave and the surrounding areas.  MF & GGG

# 9029: The long abandoned Tonopah & Tidewater RR ROW across Soda Dry lake, near the long forgotten 'Metropolis' of ZZYZX, CA. Below is info on both the T & T RR and ZZYZX, CA.

Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad - Wikipedia
Zzyzx Mineral Springs and Healing Center – San Bernardino, California - Atlas Obscura
MF 1/26/19 New RR wheels, axles and wheel sets at the Progress Rail facility near the Mojave, CA. Airport. - 9018 MF 1/26/19 New RR wheels, axles and wheel sets at the Progress Rail facility near the Mojave, CA. Airport. - 9019 MF 1/26/19 Wind turbine blades awaiting erection - also from the Mojave airport - 9020
MF 1/26/19 BNSF 4136 SB at Monolith - 9021 MF 1/26/19 BNSF 6806 SB past the active Tunnel 10 on Tehachapi Pass - 9022 MF 1/27/19 UP 8794 from Yermo hits BNSF rails at Daggett - toward Barstow - 9023
MF 1/28/19 UP 5394 @ Kelso about to enter Afton Canyon - 9024 MF 1/28/19 UP 8186 West on Afton Canyon Bridge #4 - 9025 MF 1/28/19 UP 7892 is EB over Afton bridge #3 & on into the canyon - 9026
MF 1/28/19 UP 7892 is EB over Afton bridge #3 & on into the canyon - 9027 MF 1/28/19 A UP meet at Cima Summit - 9028 MF 1/28/19 Old T&T Row at ZZYZX, CA - 9029

updated: February 22, 2019

February 21, 2019: Marc Fournier with some snow on Hill 582
On Thursday, Feb. 21, Marc braved our Mojave Desert "Snow Storm" to image the RR action.
(On the way to Hill 582, Marc passed first WSI, West Summit Island - photo 9039)
MF 2/21/19 BNSF 5329 EB at WSI - 9039 MF 2/21/19 BNSF 6951 EB at Hill 582 - 9040 MF 2/21/19 BNSF 4507 w/CSX 5210 WB - 9041
MF 2/21/19 UP 5475 NB on UPT - 9042 MF 2/21/19 UP 8353 NB on UPT - 9043 MF 2/21/19 BNSF 5346 EB on MT-1 - 9044

updated: February 23, 2019

February 22, 2019: Alvin Bustamante visited Hill 582 the second time.
We are pleased of having the permission to publish these outstanding photos (some taken with a drone).
AB 2/22/19 Overview from the air - 9030 AB 2/22/19 BNSF EB intermodal - 9031 AB 2/22/19 same BNSF EB train - 9032
AB 2/22/19 Invasion w/11 Jeeps - 9033 AB 2/22/19 Busy day on the Hill - 9034 AB 2/22/19 BNSF WB on MT-3 - 9038
AB 2/22/19 UP WB above the branch - 9035 AB 2/22/19 UP WB w/San Gabriel Mts - 9036 AB 2/22/19 BNSF bare table on MT-3 - 9037

updated: March 8, 2019

February 27, 2019: Bruce H. Jones (Doc Jones) on Hill 582
On Wednesday, Feb. 27, Doc Jones took some photos from Hill 582 w/snow covered San Gabriel Mountains.
Photo # 9050: BN 3119 green remote to shop or scrap. Note BNSF 3751 in front (same number like Santa Fe 4-8-4).
BHJ 2/27/19 BNSF 8252 EB intermodal - 9045 BHJ 2/27/19 UP 2626 EB on MT-1 - 9046 BHJ 2/27/19 Same EB w/CN 3111 visitor - 9047
BHJ 2/27/19 BNSF 4246 EB on MT-2 - 9048 BHJ 2/27/19 Same EB w/CP 8813 visitor - 9049 BHJ 2/27/19 BNSF 3119 on EB manifest - 9050

updated: April 6, 2019

April 4, 2019: Latest pics from WSI and Hill 582 by Gary Gray
Thursday (April 4) was Very cool, windy, damp, & dark in Cajon Pass. Rail traffic was rather light. However Don, Marc, George & I had a good visit followed with a fine DA DUMP lunch. GGG
GGG 4/04/19 UP 6835 (on the Palmdale Cutoff) is NB at WSI - 9051 GGG 4/04/19 while BNSF 7074 is EB on BNSF MT-1 at WSI - 9052 GGG 4/04/19 UP 7503 & 7118 act as DPU's for UP 6835 (picture 9051) at WSI - 9053
GGG 4/04/19 BNSF 7995 is WB on MT-3 at WSI
GGG 4/04/19 BNSF 8332 is EB on MT-1 at Hill 582 - 9055 GGG 4/04/19 UP 5448 is NB on the UP/SP Palmdale line at Hill 582 - 9056

updated: May 14, 2019

May 13, 2019: Latest pics from Cajon by Eugen Haenseler, Switzerland
Eugen was sent to San Francisco in late April/early May to do some special work for the famous Lindt Chocolate Factory. Afterwards, he spent a few days railfanning (Tehachapi and Cajon).
EH 5/13/19 BNSF WB passing famous Mormon Rocks - 9066 EH 5/13/19 UP NB on UPT (Palmdale Cutoff) over Cajon Creek - 9070
EH 5/13/19 these Rock formations are always an eye catcher - 9071 EH 5/13/19 Eugen was climbing on top to get this view - 9072
EH 5/13/19 UP WB Intermodal on MT-3 near Hwy 138 - 9067 EH 5/13/19 seen from the creek (actually across McDonalds) - 9073
EH 5/13/19 UP SB Intermodal on UPT at Sullivan's Curve - 9068 EH 5/13/19 BNSF WB on BNSF MT-2 at Sullivan's Curve - 9069
afterwards, Eugen went to Hill 582. He met some "off roader guys" and our "Robbie the Rattler". In other words, always watch your step!
EH 5/13/19 Hill 582 (South side) looking North - 9074 EH 5/13/19 Hill 582 (North side) looking South - 9075
EH 5/13/19 diff. Memorials on the Hill - 9076 EH 5/13/19 nice combination w/BNSF EB intermodal - 9077
EH 5/13/19 Robbie the Rattler said hello to Eugen - 9078 EH 5/13/19 are these off roaders aware of Robbie? - 9079
EH 5/13/19 UP EB on BNSF MT-2 from the Hill - 9080 EH 5/13/19 UP DPU (rear end helper) - same train - 9081
EH 5/13/19 the race between BNSF (lower track) and UP- 9082 EH 5/13/19 BNSF EB w/Warbonnet unit - 9083
EH 5/13/19 UP WB on MT-2 passing the Hill (afternoon shot) - 9084 EH 5/13/19 BNSF EB on MT-1 passing under the signal bridge - 9085

below: Highway 138 (EAST) Realignment Project

Cajon Pass Sub
Photo Collection 2016-2017-2018

Highway 138 (EAST) Realignment Project
between I-15 and BNSF Summit

Photos by Michael Frei, Gary G. Gray
Marc Fournier, Doc Jones, Keith Schreiber (USA)

Updated: 8/19/18
GGG 3/20/17 Looking toward Summit - 033 See all 250 photos - click here GGG 8/17/18 SR 138 (view from Hill 582) - 8068

 updated: June 16, 2019

Don Winslow Photography of Cajon and BNSF Needles Sub (Mojave Desert)
Don Winslow of Glendora, CA is sharing his great photos with us. These do not only include Cajon Pass, but also the BNSF Needles Sub and are not sorted by date or location.  Thank you for sharing - GGG
We are listing the photos the way Don is sending this to GGG (usually 3 in a row per week)
DW-001 1/27/12 BNSF 792 Needles Sub DW-002 4/14/08 BNSF 6713 at SWC DW-003 4/21/18 BNSF 6770 at Cozy Dell
DW-004 1/19/18 BNSF 6321 Siberia DW-005 1/28/12 BNSF 7618 Bagdad DW-006 8/05/10 BNSF 7651 West Ash Hill
DW-007 12/08/18 BNSF 6157 Cosy Dell DW-008 8/31/18 BNSF 6697 Cosy Dell DW-009 12/22/18 BNSF 6879 & 5971 Cosy Dell
DW-010 11/21/08 BNSF 522 Needles Sub DW-011 11/21/08 BNSF 4725 Needles Sub DW-012 1/18/18 BNSF 8281 Needles Sub
DW-013 1/19/19 BNSF 6708 at SWC DW-014 4/18/18 BNSF 6713 at SWC DW-015 3/20/10 BNSF 7489 at Hill 582
DW-016 11/21/08 BNSF 4695 Ludlow DW-017 7/14/13 BNSF 5331 Columbia Gorge DW-018 3/02/16 BNSF 5339 Bagdad
DW-019 3/09/19 BNSF 6086 & UP 7864 Cajon DW-020 4/21/18 BNSF 6770 Cozy Dell DW-021 11/20/14 EB at Lavic
DW-022 3/16/19 BNSF 6631 Cajon Station DW-023 1/19/19 BNSF 6708 SWC DW-024 4/28/18 BNSF 6847 Cozy Dell
DW-025 11/13/17 BNSF 5150 Ludlow DW-026 3/09/19 BNSF 6086 Cajon Station DW-027 1/18/18 BNSF 6548 Ludlow
DW-028 3/16/19 BNSF 8321 WB MT-3 Cajon DW-029 6/30/18 BNSF 6237 Cozy Dell DW-030 BNSF 7446 Cozy Dell
DW-031 11/21/08 BNSF 522 Ludlow DW-032 2/26/10 BNSF 4055 Siberia DW-033 3/27/10 BNSF 4083 Klondike
DW-034 6/30/18 BNSF 3857 Cozy Dell DW-035 3/09/19 BNSF 6086 & UP 7864 Cajon DW-036 11/20/14 BNSF 7095 Siberia
DW-037 4/06/19 BNSF 4688 Cozy Dell DW-038 5/13/09 BNSF 5360 Hill 583 DW-039 11/09/12 BNSF 7848 Essex
DW-040 8/04/18 BNSF 4550 Cozy Dell DW-041 BNSF 5377 West Ash Hill DW-042 BNSF 7531 East Siberia
DW-043 11/20/14 BNSF 7022 Ash Hill DW-044 8/22/14 BNSF 7166 Cajon DW-045 8/04/18 BNSF 7232 Cozy Dell
DW-046 4/06/19 BNSF 4219 Cozy Dell DW-047 10/20/18 BNSF 4219 Cozy Dell DW-048 4/21/18 BNSF 4219 Cozy Dell
DW-049 10/19/09 BNSF 1107 Ash Hill DW-050 11/27/09 BNSF 7519 Ash Hill DW-051 11/03/17 BNSF 4647 West Ash Hill
DW-052 3/27710 BNSF 7261 at Lavic DW-053 7/14/18 BNSF 7344 at SWC DW-054 3/09/19 BNSF 7416 at Cozy Dell
Shooting in the shadows of the Cajon Pass. The first 2 photos are at Cajon (Cajon Station) and the 3rd photo is at Cozy Dell which is between Swarthout Canyon and Cajon. It takes a little more effort, like getting up in the canyon in the early hours, using manual settings in the camera, and a whole lotta luck in getting a train at the right moment because the shadows change by the minute.
Don Winslow,  Glendora, California
DW-055 6/02/18 BNSF 4176 at Cajon DW-056 6/30/18 BNSF 5805 at Cajon DW-057 10/20/18 BNSF 7446 at Cozy Dell
DW-058 4/21/18 BNSF 6963 at Cosy Dell DW-059 1/28/12 BNSF 6820 at Danby DW-060 BNSF 6917 at Amboy (Needles Sub)

Bonus Photos - non Cajon Pass
updated: April 19, 2019

March 15, 2019: Short Line Railroads of Oregon
Middle of March 2019, Marc Fournier drove to Corvallis Oregon to attend Winter Rail (WINTERAIL).
During the trip, he Railfaned some Short Line Railroads of Oregon.
  MF & GGG


# 9057-9061: Albany & Eastern RR -  # 9062-9064: Coos Bay RR -

# 9065 Portland & Western RR -
MF 3/15/19 Albany & Eastern - 9057 MF 3/15/19 Albany & Eastern - 9058 MF 3/15/19 Albany & Eastern - 9059
MF 3/15/19 Albany & Eastern - 9060 MF 3/15/19 Albany & Eastern - 9061 MF 3/15/19 Coos Bay - 9062
MF 3/15/19 Coos Bay - 9063 MF 3/15/19 Coos Bay - 9064 MF 3/15/19 Portland & Western - 9065

updated: January 14, 2019

Colorful Start 2019 around Cheyenne by Ryan Slaton Photography
Ryan Slaton is famous for his outstanding photos.  Thank you for sharing - GGG
2019 picked up right where 2018 left off in terms of 'color'. Since late December 2018 we have had 5 of the 6 heritage units and both Olympic units through Cheyenne, just as impressive all but two (1988 and 2001) were leading their respective trains. Was able to catch a few on pixels...  Ryan
RS-1901 1/04/19 UP 2002 Plympic RS-1902 1/06/19 UP 1983 (WP) RS-1903 1/06/19 WP/C&NW Meet

1901) Cruising through the reverse curves between Heard and Hermosa, on the west side of Sherman Hill, the eastbound ILAG1 is making track speed with UP 2002 on the point.

On January 6th we had the unique treat of having two heritage leaders on the same day, UP 1983 on the ZLTG2 east and UP 1995 on the MNPPC west. I was lined up to work west to Rawlins late on Jan. 5th so I didn't figure I'd be getting any photos. Just before going to work my buddy Sam, who works the Rawlins to Green River pool, said he should be home and to pack my camera. So I loaded it into the grip and got called for a MNPRV. After I got into Rawlins we caught some breakfast and then hit the road at sunrise in search of the first heritage unit.

1902) Through the biting cold and light snow the hot UPS ZLTG2 powers out of Daley, WY on the Rawlins Subdivision. In the distance the rear of the MNPRV (yes, the one I had just climbed off) can be seen at the bottom of 'the hole' and beyond that are the headlights of yet another eastbound at Riner.

1903) We followed the 1983 east to Cheyenne getting a few photos along the way and as it worked out the heritage units met right in front of the depot. My photo of the meet turned out really poor and lightening it up didn't help much but how often do we get meets like this? 1983 has just eased to a stop on P2 while 1995 has a fresh crew on P3 and ready to depart.

RS-1904 1/06/19 UP 1995 (C&NW) RS-1905 1/06/19 UP 1995 (C&NW) RS-1906 1/07/19 UP 9096

1904) With the Swan Ranch Industrial Complex in the background the 'PPC' with its full compliment of EMDs rounds the big curve at Speer, WY. This view also offers a comparison in water tanks

1905) Further up three track at Harriman we got some more sunshine and another steam era UP water tank. And oh yes, both the conductor and engineer were having fun with us every chance they got

1906) And finally a solid yellow SD70AH 9096 with three 70Ms take the ZG1BR 'over the top' west of Buford as the MPCNP heads down main one.

updated: March 17, 2019

PSR returns SD40's to Sherman Hill by Ryan Slaton Photography
Ryan Slaton is famous for his outstanding photos.  Thank you for sharing - GGG
Well, it has been a long while since my last email, mostly because I just haven't had anything new to share picture wise.

Back in mid-January following the 'first of the year slow down' I got cut-off the Cheyenne-Rawlins pool, I could still hold the Rawlins to Green River run quite comfortably but having been borrowed out for three months and being on the road (and in a hotel) I decided I did not want to 'commute' Wyoming's often crazy winter weather factored in as well. So I bumped into Cheyenne yard and landed on the preference board. I'm now holding the midnight westend switch engine 5 days a week with Wednesday and Thursday as my weekend.

Back when I was on Green River's yard preference board I also held straight midnights, which I quite like. There are a few afternoon jobs I can hold in Cheyenne throughout the week but I'd rather have the same schedule all week. Plus not many managers show up at night so there's also that ;)

After UP rerouted most of the remaining 'manifest' traffic off the old Rio Grande by way of the Overland Route Cheyenne yard has been busier than ever. Very recently we had a change to the operating plan due to PSR and the first few photos on this email are related to this.

Some of the 'originating/terminating' trains we had in Cheyenne were the MCYGR/MGRCY (Cheyenne-Green River) and the MCYNY/MNYCY (Cheyenne-North Yard in Denver). Recently UP dropped the MGRCY/MCYNY and replaced them with the MGRNY and LLZ51 'Laramie Hauler', keeping the MCYGR and MNYCY as they were. This new pattern has the LLZ51 (local job) take the North Yard cars out of Cheyenne to Laramie, there the MGRNY will pick them up and set out the Cheyenne block from Green River, then the local takes the Cheyenne cars back to town.

This LLZ51/MGRNY just started running a few days ago and this morning I built my first Laramie local. Being the ever eagle eyed switchman that I am I was checking our list against a cut of cars we were pulling up to switch out when an old Santa Fe hopper caught my eye...still in its 'as delivered' appearance. I couldn't believe my eyes! Just as impressive was how clean the car was...paint was worn sure but no graffiti. I'm not sure where they had that car hiding all these years but I knew I needed to take a picture of it. So after getting off work I came home and caught a nap. When I woke up I looked to see if the local was ready to leave, sure enough it was and with a trio of NLR rebuilt SD40Ns for power...well gotta chase it down now :)  Ryan

RS-1908 CW 311722 was a former AT&SF Covered Hopper

RS-1907 UP 1905 leaving Hermosa Tunnel RS-1909 dirty Dodge Ram used to take pictures
1907) Still looking right at home against the snow dusted granite faces of Sherman Hill UP 1905-1932-1883 burst out of Hermosa Tunnel on two track with the new westbound 'hauler'.
1908) How cool is this?? Re-lettered now...CW 311722. The old Santa Fe hopper was built in February 1971 and belonged to Santa Fe's GA-173 class.
1909) Those who also like to play in the spoils of winter know it can be a dirty business ;) Guess I was going for a two-tone look on my rig, soon as I got back to Cheyenne it was time for a bath!
RS-1910 2/12/19 WAMX 4155 SD40T-2 ex DRGW RS-1911 2/12/19 SWRR going uphill RS-1912 2/12/19 WAMX 4184 SD40-2 ex MoPac
1910) Keeping with the 'SD40' theme, here's a look back to some local Swan Ranch Railroad action I caught back in February. Dressed in parent Watco's sharp black and yellow WAMX 4155 (ex-D&RGW SD40T-2 5385) and WAMX 4200 (ex-KCS SD40 625) switch out the tank car farm inside the Swan Industrial Complex. SWRR services many industries within the complex and interchanges with both UP and BNSF.
1911) Dragging their cut up hill towards the interchange with UP's Laramie Sub...of which the three and four track alignment can be seen above the Swan power.
1912) Lastly a recently repainted ex-MoPac SD40-2. I also have photos of this motor after it first landed and still wore its Wisconsin & Southern scheme.

updated: April 19, 2019

California Vacation by Ryan Slaton Photography
Spent the first 10 days of April back home in Southern California. Originally I had hoped to make my California trip in mid-March but for reasons beyond my control, here's looking at you crew management, I had to settle for early April for a week + trip. Had a wonderful time back home getting to spend time with family and friends and naturally had to work in a few visits to Tehachapi :)

1913) On my first day back in SoCal I paused at Warren before driving home to catch a handful of eastbounds coming off the mountain, last of the pack was the MRVWCX.
1914) On Saturday April 6th I was on my way to Bakersfield to visit friends at the model train club and paused to catch a few trains while en-route. Seen working upgrade through Bealville was an eastbound H RICBAR manifest, as seen from the bottom end of Cliff.
1915) Sunday April 7th was my only full day on Tehachapi which was spent with a few good friends. Westbound BNSF grain loads drop down grade at Ilmon, with a mixed bag of power up front. The train's swing and rear distributed power consists can also be seen in this view.
RS-1913 4/02/19 UP 5442 Warren, CA RS-1914 4/06/19 BNSF 8134 Bealville, CA RS-1915 4/07/19 UP 5528 Ilmon, CA
After my 10 days in SoCal it was back to Wyoming and back to work. This past Sunday I noticed UP 6706 was leading an eastbound LA to Chicago double-stack train, 6706 being noteworthy as it is the last AC4400 in C&NW paint. What's really wild about the 6706 was it was sent to North Little Rock and placed in storage, when it returned to service it escaped without a trip through the paint booth. Since 2018 a trip to NLR's Jenks Shop for any unit still in 'fallen flag' colors has almost certainly meant, at the very least, a repaint. Knowing full well it could be my last chance to see true C&NW colors out on the mainline, especially leading, I got my lazy ass out of bed and made a quick run to the top of Sherman Hill.
left) Catching a brief break in the clouds a pair of eastbounds, an ICIG1 on main one and the hot ZLTG2B on main two, nearly have the 8015' summit of their endeavor up Wyoming's Sherman Hill within sight.

above) A short while later UP 6706 came along with the ILAG3.
RS-1916 4/15/19 UP 3911 Sherman Hill RS-1917 4/15/19 UP 6706 Sherman Hill

updated: June 16, 2019

Union Pacific - other than the Big Boy by Ryan Slaton Photography
Taking a break from more photos of Big Boy 4014 for the time being, it's been business as 'usual' on the railroad (well, as usual as it is anymore). Here are a few other trains that I've put glass on the last few months with special leaders.
RS-1926 4/22/19 On April 22nd UP 1943 led a ten car special (PCBSC: Council Buffs, IA to Salt Lake City, UT) at Pine Bluffs, WY. RS-1927 4/25/19 A few days later (April 25th) UP 1995 was westbound at the bottom end of Hermosa with the ZG2OA.
RS-1928 5/10/19 On '150' day (May 10th, 2019) UP 1995 was again westbound at the east end of Cheyenne with the IG1LA. RS-1929 5/10/19 I've had my fill of 1995 for awhile....catching a break in the clouds leading the ZLADV at Carr, CO.
A few days ago I learned that UP 4141 and UP 1111 (the new employee 'appreciation' motor) would be on display in Omaha for the College Baseball World Series. Having only seen the 4141 in person once (at night and while at work) and never having been able to take a photo of it, I figured it was now or never.
Rumor following its brief tour for the employees earlier this year was it was being readied for donation to 41's Library and Museum in Texas. To my surprise it returned to service running on a few freights before heading to Omaha for the College World Series. Will this be it's final public appearance while still with the UP? Time will tell but at least I finally got a few photos of it.
RS-1931 6/12/19 UP 1111...if UP really appreciated us I can think of a few better ways to express it than painting a locomotive but this is what we got. 1111 was originally UP 8362.
RS-1930 6/12/19 UP 4141 in downtown Omaha, across the street from T.D. Ameritrade Stadium where the CWS is held. RS-1932 6/12/19 The 4141/1111 duo after dark...that Air Force One paint scheme is really striking. 4141's display in Omaha began on June 12th, on what would have been 41's 95th Birthday. Another fun fact...41 played in the first and second CWS in 1947 and 1948 as a first-baseman for Yale University.

updated: May 31, 2019

5/02/19: UP Big Boy 4014 is back alive after 60 years by Ryan Slaton Photography
Well, you all knew it was coming and here are a few pictures from Big Boy 4014's first mainline trial run on Thursday May 2nd, 2019.  Ryan
The steam crew did a fantastic job on the restoration, 4014 looked and sounded great. What an experience it was today to watch a Big Boy highball Cheyenne for the first time in 60 years...hard to put into words. Hope you enjoy the photos.
RS-1918 5/02/19 UP 4014 on main 3 at Cheyenne RS-1919 5/02/19 UP 4014 passing Tower A
1918) After making a few back and forth moves in Cheyenne yard the 4014 shoved out onto main 3 at 508. A few minutes later they had a light and 4014 was on the charge west into Cheyenne.
1919) After stopping for an inspection at Tower A the 4014 recreated a once daily ritual of a Big Boy storming out of Cheyenne and up Sherman Hill. At Speer 4014 would diverge off the Overland Main for a run down to Greeley, CO.
RS-1920 5/02/19 UP 4014 at Carr, CO RS-1921 5/02/19 UP 4014 on Hansen Track at Cheyenne
1920) The sun had set on the trial run at Speer and it was getting dark fast but I wanted one more look at the big ALCo, so I went down to Carr, CO. I played around with the high ISO setting on my new 6D mark II and got some neat results, even if a bit grainy.
1921) This first photo was taken on May 2nd just before Big Boy's first mainline trial run. Before they shoved out onto the main the 4000 ran back and forth on the Hansen (track) in Cheyenne Yard. The steam crew carefully observed the 4014 as it ran up and down the Hansen, making adjustments where needed. Here we see a bit of the 4000s articulation as it has paused at the west end of the South Hansen. I had asked my manager if it was cool to take photos and with his blessing me and a few other rails had the 4014 all to ourselves in Cheyenne Yard.


5/02/19: UP Big Boy 4014 is back alive after 60 years - latest test run videos
Rare Aerial Footage of the 4014 Big Boy on its first run outside the yard by Vintage Slots (13'45")
Direct Link:
First Look! Union Pacific "Big Boy" 4014 Test Run in Cheyenne, WY! by Michael Loves Trains (6'20")
Direct Link:
Worlds largest steam locomotive is back! Big Boy 4014 hits the main line by Traveling Tom (34'35")
Direct Link:
Union Pacific 4014 1st Test Run by SteamUp (13'53")
Direct Link:


2019 Union Pacific Steam Schedule:


5/04/19: UP Big Boy 4014 is back alive after 60 years by Ryan Slaton Photography
On Saturday May 4th, 2019 the 'great race to Ogden' began in grand fashion as Union Pacific's newly restored Big Boy teamed with stable mate 844 for their multi-day journey across the original transcontinental. I followed the double-header west out of Cheyenne to Rawlins on the first day, hitting a few planned spots. We had some great weather early on but by the afternoon the clouds had really moved in. We were living right however and had sun shine at all four locations we photographed the train at!
RS-1922 5/04/19 UP 4014 approaching Speer RS-1923 5/04/19 UP 4014 Hermosa Tunnels
1922) The 'big day' and my first glimpse of the double-header. 4014 and 844 are just a few miles out of Cheyenne, approaching Speer.
1923) Big Boy was truly at home on Saturday on Sherman Hill. While the Big Boys were regular fixtures between Ogden and Cheyenne starting in 1941 it was Sherman Hill that kept them employed near the end. Here the steam special emerges from Hermosa Tunnels on main one, now on the down grade towards Laramie.
left) Union Pacific .... Route of the Streamliners, Domeliners, and Big Boys.

above) Our last location of the day was near the top of Percy Hill between Hanna and Durant, WY. We really cut it close here as by the time the rear of the passenger consist went sailing by the sun was covered by clouds!
RS-1924 5/04/19 UP 4014 just after Hermosa Tunnels RS-1925 5/04/19 UP 4014 between Hanna and Durant, WY


5/04/19: UP Big Boy 4014 is back alive after 60 years - on the way to Ogden (Day 1)
Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 and UP 844 - First Double Header by SD457500 (8'00")
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Big Boy #4014 UP #844 Double header Cheyenne to Rawlins, Wyoming by Traveling Tom (21'26")
Direct Link:
2019 Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 The Great Race to Ogden First Day Compilation by American Train (30'21")
Direct Link:
Union Pacific's Big Boy No. 4014 and Living Legend No. 844 Departure at Cheyenne Depot
by 106.3 Country Radio Cheyenne (3'14")
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UP Big Boy 4014 at Harriman, WY - May 4, 2019 by Randy Lee (1'38")
Direct Link:
The legendary Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 steam engine with UP 844 at Laramie by Virtual Railfan (9'04")
Direct Link:
Raw / Unedited Drone footage of UP 4014 / 844 North of Laramie by Vintage Slots (11'37")
Direct Link:
Union Pacific 4014 Big Boy 4-8-8-4 at Laramie with some close ups of both steamers by karlruth1 (5'08")
Direct Link:
UP 4014 & 844 - Great Race to Ogden DAY ONE by Rail Blazer 5371 (6'41")
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May 4 to May 9, 2019: 15 minute compilation of best UP 4014 Big Boy video clips by dbrohm (15'49")
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UP Big Boy 4014 is back alive after 60 years by Bruce "Doc" Jones
First 3 photos were taken on May 4, 2019
Between May 2 and May 7 a couple close friends and I traveled to Denver Colorado and thence to Cheyenne Wyoming to chase the UP Big Boy 4014 across Wyoming and into Utah. The chase was great. Of course we had to share the locomotive with a few thousand or more of our "good friends" but it made for a great time. We left the 4014 at Evanston Wyoming due to our schedules and did some "Diesel" railfanning from there into Ogden Utah. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. (Bruce "Doc" Jones, Sierra Madre, CA)
BTW, they are not in strict east-to-west order as they were taken with two different cameras.
BHJ-004 5/04/19 Speer, Wyoming BHJ-009 5/04/19 Laramie, Wyoming
BHJ-014 5/04/19 Bosler Wyoming


5/05/19: UP Big Boy 4014 is back alive after 60 years - on the way to Ogden (Day 2)
Chasing UP 4014 Big Boy & UP 844 Double Header Through Wyoming by NY Trainzchaser (16'42")
incl. Testrun at Cheyenne plus Day 1 and 2 up to Rock Springs, WY
Direct Link:
Raw / Unedited Drone footage of UP 4014 / 844 near Creston WY by Vintage Slots (5'20")
Direct Link:
2019 Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 The Great Race to Ogden 2nd Day Compilation by American Train (12'50")
Direct Link:
UP Big Boy 4014 Fully Restored To Operation Part 4! Incredible Shots by 844 Steamtrain (3'05")
Direct Link:
Big Boy #4014 Departs Wamsutter, Wyoming by Coaster Trains 95 (2'14")
Direct Link:
BIG BOY 4014 & U.P. 844 at Point of Rocks Wyoming by Wyoming Hunter (6'09")
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Aerial (drone) video (with sound!) of UP Big Boy 4014 near Bitter Creek WY by Vintage Slots (4'30")
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UP Big Boy 4014 is back alive after 60 years by Bruce "Doc" Jones
Next 12 photos were taken on May 5, 2019
BHJ-028 5/05/19 Creston Wyoming
BHJ-029 5/05/19 Creston Wyoming
BHJ-038 5/05/19 Wamsutter Wyoming BHJ-046 5/05/19 Wamsutter Wyoming, note: Ed Dickens in charge.
BHJ-049 5/05/19 Wamsutter Wyoming BHJ-052 5/05/19 Wamsutter Wyoming
BHJ-055 5/05/19 Wamsutter Wyoming BHJ-061 5/05/19 Point of Rocks Wyoming
BHJ-174 5/05/19 Big Boy at Wamsutter, WY BHJ-200 5/05/19 Big Boy at Rock Springs, WY
BHJ-201 5/05/19 Diesels are passing 4014 at Rock Springs, WY BHJ-217 5/05/19 UP 4-8-4 at Rock Springs, WY


5/06/19: UP Big Boy 4014 is back alive after 60 years - on the way to Ogden (Day 3)
UP 4014 Big Boy at Leroy, Wyoming by Dave Schumacher (11'42")
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The Big Boy Arrives at Evanston Wyoming by Karyn Felix-Angell (7'41")
Direct Link:
Union Pacific HD 60fps: UP Big Boy 4014 & FEF-3 844 Great Race to Ogden Chase Day 3 Preview by Fan Railer (3'04")
Direct Link:
Big Boy #4014 UP #844 Double header Rawlins to Rock Springs, Wyoming by Traveling Tom (15'35")
Direct Link:
Union Pacific BIG BOY 4014 Rides Again! Worlds Largest Steam Locomotive by JohnnyD's World (5'59")
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[4K] Big Boy 4014 & 844 Doubleheader Under a Brilliant Sunrise - 60 fps by NorfKhazad (4'36")
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UP Big Boy 4014 is back alive after 60 years by Bruce "Doc" Jones
Next 6 photos were taken on May 7, 2019
BHJ-103 5/07/19 Evanston Wyoming BHJ-112 5/07/19 Evanston Wyoming
BHJ-114 5/07/19 Evanston, WY BHJ-117 5/07/19 UP 844 at Evanston, WY
BHJ-123 5/07/19 UP 844 at Evanston, WY BHJ-226 5/07/19 Ogden Depot w/loco display


5/08/19: UP Big Boy 4014 is back alive after 60 years - on the way to Ogden (Day 4)
Union Pacific HD 60fps: Pacing UP Big Boy 4014 & FEF-3 844 Through Echo Canyon by Fan Railer (16'59")
Direct Link:
Big Boy No. 4014 and No. 844 in Morgan county, UT May 8 2019 by Northern Utah Dashcam (3'01")
Direct Link:
Big Boy 4014 and 844 Doubleheader Steam Locomotives to Ogden by airailimages (16'44")
Direct Link:
Union Pacific HD 60fps: UP Big Boy 4014 & FEF-3 844 Great Race to Ogden Chase Day 4 Preview by Fan Railer (2'19")
Direct Link:
Big Boy and 844 at Ogden Yard, no people, no rain. May 8, 2019 by cantabriaaa (4'33")
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Big Boy, Worlds Largest Steam Locomotive Passing UP 844 ! 3 Train Meet! by Jaw Tooth (13'36")
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5/09/19: UP Big Boy 4014 is back alive after 60 years - on the way to Ogden (Day 5)
Heritage Festival 150th - Golden Spike 150 & BIG BOY 4014 at Ogden by RoadTrippinNomad (4'02")
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2019 Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 The Great Race to Ogden Fifth Day Compilation by American Train (24'28")
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5/10/19: UP Big Boy 4014 is back alive after 60 years - at Ogden (Day 6)
UNION PACIFIC No. 4014 & No. 844 WHISTLE in Ogden UT, Great Race 150th Anniversary by Daniel Zombori (7'34")
Direct Link:
Big Boy and 844 Railfanning and More by KDT&R Productions (8'41")
Direct link:
Union Pacific 844 and Big Boy 4014 at Ogden, UT by challenger3989 (24'20")
Direct Link:
Union Pacific 4014 Big Boy, UP 844 & More Trains In Ogden, UT 5/10/19 by Bobby Case Loves Trains (15'30")
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5/12/19: UP Big Boy 4014 is back alive after 60 years - going home to Cheyenne (Day 8)
Magnificent [4K] Big Boy Union Pacific #4014 Aerial Pacing Inaugural Trip 5/12/2019 by Railfan Dan (7'46")
Direct Link:
Chasing UP Big Boy 4014 and 844 Over the Wasatch Mountains by Chuttlely (9'09")
Direct Link:
Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 and 844 Leaving Ogden by Doug Atwood (5'19")
Direct Link:
UP Big Boy 4014 Climbing Weber Canyon on Mother's Day, 12 May 2019 by airailimages (11'06")
Direct Link:
Big Boy Returns to Evanston Wyoming by Karyn Felix-Angell (4'09")
Direct link:
Chasing Big Boy 4014 & 844 up Weber Canyon. Ogden to Echo, Utah by Aired down and disconnected (8'59")
Dirct link:
An aerial (drone) view of the UP 4014 Big Boy Articulating in a curve by VintageSlots (1'46")
Direct Link:
Union Pacific 4014 "Big Boy" returns to Echo during Spike 150 Celebration on May 12, 2019 by Michael Libby (7'55")
Direct Link:
Chasing the Big Boy 4014 and Living Legend 844 Doubleheader! by Central California Rail Productions (9'21")
Direct Link:
[4K] UP "Big Boy" #4014 Leads The Spike150 Excursion! [May 8 & 12, 2019] by Royal Hudson Rail Videos (11'11")
Direct Link:
UP BIG BOY 4014 CHASE from Ogden, Utah to Purple Sage, Wyoming! by spencerhughes2255 (8'44")
Direct Link:
Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 & 844 at Morgan Utah 5/12/19 by conrailSD40guy (2'58")
Direct Link:
UP Big Boy 4014 on the Long Uphill Climb to Curvo Tunnel MP 930 by Rocky Mountains (3'13")
Direct Link:
[HD] UP Big Boy 4014 on the Great Race from Ogden! Ft. UP 844! (5/12/2019) by American Rail Videos (3'46")
Direct Link:
4014 And 844 from Ogden Utah to Evanston Wyoming by Next-Gen Railroaders (11'01")
Direct Link:
May 12 & 13, 2019 Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 Back to Cheyenne Compilation by American Train (23'28")
Direct Link:
Railfanning Weber & Echo Canyons ft. UP 4014 5/12/2019 by Westbound Railfan Productions (12'49")
Direct Link:
Big Boy and the Living Legend racing up Echo Canyon 5/12/2019 4k drone by Eddy Abbott (4'00")
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5/13/19: UP Big Boy 4014 is back alive after 60 years - going home to Cheyenne (Day 9)
UP Big Boy 4014, 844 at Stowe Creek, near Evanston, WY 5-13-19 by Dave Schumacher (5'31")
Direct Link:
Big Boy 4014 and 844 UP Steam Trains From Ogden to Cheyenne by Mech Master (5'28")
Direct Link:
Union Pacific Big Boy #4014 and UP #844 from Ogden, Utah to Rock Springs, WY by Aaron McCreight (25'45")
Direct Link:
Union Pacific 4014 & 844: Big Boy to the Golden Spike (Ogden - Evanston) by SmokyMtnSteam (17'22")
Direct Link:
UP Big Boy 4014 On to Green River - 13 May 2019 by airailimages (12'07")
Direct Link:
[4K] Big Boy 4014 & 844 - Evanston to Rock Springs - 60 fps by NorfKhazad (6'40")
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5/16/19: UP Big Boy 4014 is back alive after 60 years - going home to Cheyenne
UP 4014 & 844 Doubleheader from Point of Rocks to Cheyenne by Southwest Washington Rail Productions (26'31")
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5/19/19: Big Boy 4014 taken by James Hickey at Hermosa Tinnel in 2014 and 2019
A demonstration of what, a dream, 5 years of hard labor and many millions of dollars can do.

Among all of the photographs taken of the recently resurrected UP 4014's trip from Cheyenne to Ogden & return, I think that these two images best tell the whole story. The first image (05-08-2014) shows UP 4014 & 4884 (diesels) pulling UP 4014 steam engine - (which had been on display in Pomona, CA for 50 years) to Cheyenne, WY for rebuilding. The second image (05-19-2019) is of the restored UP 4014, under its own steam power, returning to Cheyenne after a triumphant round trip to Ogden, UT. Both images by JAMES HICKEY EB at Hermosa Tunnel.
JH-1901 5/08/14 Big Boy 4014 on the way to Cheyenne for rebuilding JH-1902 5/19/19 Big Boy 4014 under his own power back to Cheyenne


5/19/19: UP Big Boy 4014 is back alive after 60 years - going home to Cheyenne
Union Pacific's Big Boy & 844 departs Laramie, WY by Virtual Railfan (8'12")
Direct Link:
Chasing Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 back home to Cheyenne by Sean McBride (7'05")
Direct Link:
Chasing the Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 Laramie to Cheyenne by Metra160 (12'31")
Direct Link:
Union Pacific Big Boy #4014 and UP #844 Whistles! This is my full video compilation of the entire trip to and from Ogden before and after the 150th Anniversary Celebration, and during The Great Race To Ogden by 844Steamtrain (15'36")
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News 5/31/19:  Big Boy excursion set for Southern California on October 12 & 13, 2019
Direct Link:  Big Boy excursion set for Southern California | Trains Magazine

did you see our photography of the Big Boy 4014 ransfer back in 2014?

2014 transfer of UP 4014 from Pomona to Las Vegas
How UP 4014 is moving from the "Rail Giants" Museum in Pomona to the Metrolink Tracks and to Colton and over Cajon Pass by Gary G. Gray, Marc Fournier and Bruce H. Jones.  click here for photos


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