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added: 9/14 - updated: 7/19 (A / B / D / E-1 / E-2)
new additions / Neueingänge

HO Scale: Consignment Plastic Models, Diesel, Steam, Electric, Sets, Cars
from different customers
A) Diesel - B) Steam - C) Electric - D) Sets - E) Cars (Pass & Freight)
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A) Diesel - Consignment Models - Diesel - HO Scale
Listing of the big railroads: AT&SF, SP, UP, WP (afterwards it is alphabetical)

AT&SF - Santa Fe

New 7/19: WAH-01, Life Like P2000 # 0961, AT&SF EMD E8A, pow. sFr. 115.-
New 5/15: JOW-52 Bachmann, AT&SF EMD FTA, pow, Kadee, sFr. 40.-  on sale 20 % - sold out 8/19
New 5/16: ADM-31, Life Like Proto 2000 # 30550, EMD GP60, AT&SF, sFr. 110.-
FR-34, Athearn, EMD SD40-2, AT&SF, C/P, extra Details, pow, NOB, sFr. 125.-  on sale 50%
FR-31, Athearn, EMD SD45, AT&SF, C/P, extra Details, dmy, NOB, sFr. 100.-  on sale 50%
New 7/18: BM-03, Athearn (Blue Box), SDP40, AT&SF, pow. sFr. 30.-
New 7/19: WAH-02, Life Like P2000 # 8055, AT&SF, EMD SW9/1200, pow. sFr. 80.-

 SP - Southern Pacific / SSW (Cotton Belt)

New 7/17: X-241, Atlas, GP40, SSW, cust. ptd. by Rail Services, pow. no Box, sFr. 70.-
new 4/15: TH-3, ConCor # 1033, EMD GP40 SP, sFr. 30.-
SP-54, Athearn, EMD SD45, SP Kodak Scheme, C/P, pow, no Box, sFr. 70.-
New 9/16: X-229, Athearn (Blue Box), F7 A/B, SP, black widow, custom ptd. pow/dmy, Set sFr. 50.-
A-unit repowered with Sagami Motor
RE-18: Kato, SP, ALCO RSD-4/5, pow, no Box, sFr. 50.-
FH-23: Walthers, SP FM H12-44, no Handrails, no Box, sFr. 30.-
FH-24: Athearn, SP, SW Switcher, no Handrails, no Box, sFr. 10.-  sold out 8/19

UP - Union Pacific   

New 12/18: JS-05: Atlas # 9608, UP, GE Dash8-40C # 9237, QSI Sound, sFr. 175.-

   WP - Western Pacific 

New 6/16: X-142, Athearn (Blue Box), F7A, WP, C/P & detailed by Douglas Nuckles, pow, sFr. 70.-
New 8/16: X-220, Athearn (Blue Box), F7A, WP, C/P, pow, no Box, sFr. 65.-
New 6/16: X-143, Athearn (Blue Box), F7A, WP, C/P & detailed by Douglas Nuckles, dmy, sFr. 45.-
New 6/16: X-145, Athearn (Blue Box), GP35, WP, C/P & detailed by Douglas Nuckles, dmy, sFr. 35.-


Alphabetical Railroad Listing of Diesel Locos


NA-1, Atlas, EMD FP7, Amtrak, pow, NOB, sFr. 50.-
New 5/15: JOW-50, Athearn Shell, Bachmann Chassis, AT F7A, pow, Kadee, sFr. 30.-   on sale 20 % discount

Auto Train

ACL - Atlantic Coast Line

BN - Burlington Northern / BNSF

PS-51, Spectrum/Mainline Models, EMD GP35, BNSF, P/P, pow, no Box, sFr. 75.-
New 5/15: MM-50, Atlas, EMD GP9, BN, F/P, pow, no Box, sFr. 40.-
New 6/16: X-123, Lionel, GP30, BN, Kadee, sFr. 40.-
WTR-027: Atlas made by Kato # 8053, ALCO C424, BN, sFr. 70.-

Baltimore & Ohio (B&O)

FH-21: Kato, ALCO RS-1, no Box, sFr. 50.-

Chicago Burlington & Quincy (CB&Q)  

WTR-003: Athearn Genesis # G2603, EMD F3A/B, 2 x pow. CB&Q, sFr. 180.-

Canadian Pacific (CP Rail)

New 3/17: DS-CP: ATH (Blue Box), CPR, ALCO FA-1 A/B-Set, pow/dmy, C/P, no Box, sFr. 50.-

Canadian National (CN)


New 6/16: X-133, Athearn (Blue Box), SD45, Conrail, custom ptd, pow, wea, sFr. 40.-
New 7/16: X-190, Atlas, GP38, Conrail, C/P, pow, Kadee, sFr. 30.-
New 7/16: X-192, Atlas, GP40, Conrail, C/P, pow, Kadee, sFr. 30.-


C&NW - Chicago & North Western

Demonstrator Locos

New 5/16: ADM-29, Athearn Genesis # 6129, EMD SD70M, EMD Lease, new, sFr. 110.-

D&RGW - Denver & Rio Grande Western  

JS-41: PCM (Precision Craft Models) # 314A/B, D&RGW, EMD F3A/B-Set # 554, 2 x pow. QSI Sound, sFr. 300.-


New 6/16: X-150, Athearn (Blue Box), SD9, D&RGW, C/P & detailed by Douglas Nuckles, dmy, sFr. 50.-

Great Northern

GT - Grand Trunck Western

CW-2, Athearn RTR # 78926, GP38-2 GT, NP, pow, new, sFr. 112.-, Sale sFr. 70.-

KCS - Kansas City Southern

Milwaukee Road

MoPac - Missouri Pacific

MRL - Montana Rai Link

NYC - New York Central

N&W - Norfolk and Western

NA-2, Bachmann, GE U33B, N&W Bicentennial, pow, (new) sFr. 75.-  on sale sFr. 50.-
New 6/16: X-128, AHM # 5012, GP18, N&W, 1776, pow/dummy, Set, sFr. 30.-

Pere Marquette

WTR-301: Proto 2000 by Walthers # 30014, USRA 2-8-4, Pere Marquette, mit ESU Sound, sFr. 300.-

PRR - Pennsylvania Railroad

New 5/16: ADM-34, Broadway Ltd # 730, PRR, EMD E7A/B- Set, 2 x pow, DCC & Sound, sFr. 440.-
WTR-701: Stewart Hobbies # 4901, Baldwin S-12, PRR, sFr. 128.-
FH-22: Kato, ALCO RS-3, no Box, sFr. 50.-   sold out 9/19

WC - Wisconsin Central

WM - Western Maryland

WL-1, Atlas EMD GP40, WM, pow, sFr. 95.-  on sale sFr. 35.-


B) Steam - Consignment Models - Steam - HO Scale
New 1/19: OW-23, Rivarossi, D&RGW, 4-6-0, T-31, WEA, Faulhaber Motor, NOB, sFr. 130.-


C) Electric - Consignment Models - Electric - HO Scale
currently no models available / momentan keine Modelle verfügbar


D) Sets (Loco and Cars) - Consignment Models - Sets - HO Scale


New 12/18: D-70, Athearn RTR # 26335, New Mexico Rail Runner, F59PHI + 5 Cars (new) sFr. 295.-
Lenz DCC (no Sound)


E) Cars (Passenger & Freight) - Consignment Models - Cars - HO Scale

 E-1 = Passenger Cars

Different Passenger Cars,  consignment
New 2/19: HH-320, Kato # 35-6005, AT&SF, Business Car, sFr. 65.-   sold out 7/19

E-2 = Freight Cars

Freight Cars
Please check our Freight Cars Page - click here


Aus einer Sammlung haben wir noch rund 15 Güterwagen. Alles mit Originalverpackung.
Atlas, Intermountain, Roundhouse, Walthers (kommen sie im RR-Shop vorbei)


U/P = Un Painted, C/P = Custom Painted, F/P = Factory Painted, P/P = Pro Painted, TA = Tarnished, WEA = Weathered,
NP = Nickel Plated, OR = Old Run, NOB = Not Original Box, not ready = model is at the repair shop!, TBA = to be announced,
res. = reserved (on hold), sold = verkauft (sold out),  % = Discount should be deducted from the price,
sFr. = Swiss Francs (CHF), sale = reduced net price, foam = old foam was replaced.
All prices are listed in Swiss Francs sFr. / CHF  -  We ship world wide!

Zwischenverkauf vorbehalten  -  Preisänderungen sind jederzeit möglich
Please ask for availability  -  Prices may change anytime

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SOLD OUT Models  /  ausverkaufte Modelle  /  SOLD OUT
not available anymore  /  nicht mehr lieferbar
on this page, you can see sold out models, just for reference  -  click here
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